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Case study

See how Clothes 2 Order increased conversions by 246% in 36 hours

  • Date :23 November, 2019
  • Client : Clothes 2 Order
Return on Investment
Increase in Conversion Rate
Click-through Rate

The Challenge

Clothes 2 Order had a hypothesis that customers were struggling to decide which products are right for them.

“We have thousands of products in our range, and on face value many of our products look really similar but are not. We wanted to find a solution that would take away the headache of product selection and make it easy for our customers to find the right products for them.”

Clothes 2 order looked at their customer journey funnel through their analytics and found that one of their metrics, defined as “the percentage of customers that find a product” could be improved.

“That is the metric we are trying to influence; this way customers feel confident to add to products to their basket.”

The company also ran several focus groups and established feedback direct from their customers that product selection was a large pain point.

Moving to preezie

When Clothes 2 Order and preezie first connected, Clothes 2 Order had a similar solution integrated within their website, however they were not seeing the returns and results they were hoping for.

“We know that guided selling is what our customers want for product selection, however we needed a more innovative, cost effective, and flexible solution, so we engaged with preezie to implement one. preezie looked innovative and they wanted to work closely with us to build out the right product for our customers and business”

The preezie implementation?

Overall, we are very happy with the implementation of preezie. The total implementation from start to finish was 36 hours.

With 7 dedicated workflows for 7 different product categories and a larger overall workflow that connects all 7 together this was a preezie speed record!

The results so far?

“The results so far look good. It is evident that the system is providing a benefit and return. We just need to push more traffic through it!”

With preezie traffic converting on average 246% higher than Clothes 2 Orders’ traditional traffic and getting a high 49% click through rate Clothes to Order will also look to compare preezie traffic to their normal conversion rates of users who find a product via traditional methods; filters, page navigation and more.

Learn more about Clothes 2 Order here


“Implementation was excellent, and the level of support is extremely high. We were delighted with the efforts of the team, and we pleased to see the results are positive, helping users gain the confidence to find their right product and buy”

Clothes 2 Order