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Navigating customer acquisition challenges in 2024: Strategies for success

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, two significant customer acquisition challenges are looming large on the horizon for 2024:

1.) the impending demise of third-party cookies

2.) the escalating competition and costs in advertising 

Despite being unavoidable, these challenges present opportunities for brands to adopt innovative strategies to effectively reach, engage with, and acquire new customers. Find out how you can stay ahead of the curve.

Navigating customer acquisition challenges in 2024:
A practical guide for retail success

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Here's what you'll get:

📊  Deep dive into the changing digital landscape, exploring transparent customer data collection, the decline of third-party cookies, and the intensifying competition in advertising.

🌐  Practical tips to successfully navigate the third-party cookie phase-out and increasing costs in digital advertising, empowering you to efficiently connect with, engage, and acquire new customers.

🎯  Insights into zero-party data personalization and strategies for optimizing checkouts, fostering continuous growth in customer acquisition and engagement.

💡  Exploration of opportunities in guided shopping experiences, data analytics, personalized marketing, and alternative advertising approaches.

Join global leading brands in harnessing preezie's interactive ecommerce solutions

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preezie: ecommerce technology solutions
Customer acquisition, guided shopping, & personalization



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Individualised customer experiences



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What our retail partners say...

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Guitar Center - Black-2

25% more sales from musicians

“We can gain an immense amount of enriching data to elevate the overall experience at Guitar Center. Our findings show that customers spend up to 11% more time on site and are up to 25% more likely to add an item to the cart when they flow through a preezie journey." 


Ryan Fitzgerald
Ecommerce Operations Manager


93% started the camera quiz

"The results show that 93% of shoppers who start our camera journeys complete it. This tells us that in order to deliver a world-class customer experience, we need to provide self-serve
guided shopping both in store and online."

Claire Whitehouse
Marketing Manager - Customer & Trade


125% increase in conversion rate

“preezie is an integral part of our eComm strategy to counteract the conversion rate decline in social media. preezie allows us to engage new customers and guide them through an online shopping journey that increases their conversion rate by more than 125%.”

Christ Ventura

Global Ecommerce Manager