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Case study

Understand how New Build Solutions automated 90% of their lead process

  • Date :30 November, 2019
  • Client : New Build Solutions
Lead Automation
Total lead capture rate
28 mins
Time saved per lead

The Challenge

Construction and new home building is a very confusing and complicated industry. With hundreds of builders, offering thousands of products with dozens of different finance options, it can be very difficult for a new homeowner to navigate their journey.

That is why Colin and the team created New Build Solutions. However, they quickly realized that even though they wanted to help the market, it was very time-consuming qualifying customers and helping guide them through the journey. Often, they would spend 30 minutes helping a new potential lead over the phone, this clearly was not scalable.

“We wanted to give people a tool that was simple and enjoyable to use that would also help them through the steps of new home building”.

It’s all about simplifying the steps for the customers. New Build Solutions firstly looked a using filters to achieve this however found that the experience was confusing, and the floor plan recommendations were not accurate.

“Filters are great for people who know what they want, however in a confusing industry like ours consumers often don’t even know what questions to ask, they don’t know what their buying criteria is, this is where Preezie steps in”

The Preezie Solution

Preezie worked with New Build Solutions to implement a workflow to help consumers navigate the steps of buying, then displaying them 9 – 12 different floor plan options that meet their criteria. From there Preezie qualifies and validates all the leads coming from our system through our lead propensity engine.

The outcome is highly qualified and percentage ranked leads (from 0% - 100%) straight into the CRM of New Build Solutions.

“We used Preezie as it simplifies the process internally. We used to have to call every lead and ask them all the questions Preezie does. From there we needed to qualify them and recommend specific floor plans, this often took up-to 30 minutes per lead, now over 90% is automatic and each lead takes us 2 minutes of manual work”

From a consumer point of view New Build Solutions wanted to implement a “self-qualifying tool” that was fun and enjoyable to use.

“We use strategic questions that lead the customer down the path that best suits them, so we can display the most relevant floor plans and builders for their specific needs”

When New Build Solutions first implemented the system, it took several weeks of optimizations to really understand which questions to ask and how to extract the full potential of the system and now “New with the new lead scoring system we are continuously growing and evolving our systems setup to work harder for us”

The Results

New Build Solutions have seen tremendous value working with Preezie and have seen results such as:

- 90% lead automation
- 28 minutes saved per lead
- 19% total lead capture rate
- 79% start to completion rate
- Overall improved user experience for customers

“We also have all the Preezie backend information that is stored and can be used at any time to help onboard more clients and customers. These insights are helping us understand our market and target customers and can be valuable helping us best use our marketing spend.”


We used to be a business that manually qualified every lead. Now with Preezie we automatically qualify and score leads, saving us time and money

New Build Solutions

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