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preezie & Dotdigital one-click integration

Integrate our journeys quiz data with your Dotdigital platform for purchase flow refinement, campaign customization, and informed e-commerce decisions.

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About the integration

At the heart of our platform are 'journeys,' interactive quizzes designed to engage shoppers and provide personalised product recommendations tailored to their unique interests and needs.

Our integration with Dotdigital is a one-click process activated through the preezie CMS. It utilises Dotdigital's public API to seamlessly transmit preezie data directly into Dotdigital in real-time.


Once activated, every user who completes a lead form at the end of a preezie journey will have their quiz data accessible in Dotdigital. This lead form data usually includes contact details like:

Group 5663

How it works

Frame 5321
Group 5658

Leverage the collected data to engage users with personalised content & offers

Here are some potential scenarios based on the example data:
Frame 5314
Frame 5315
Frame 5316
Frame 5312