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Case study

Learn how Porter Davis improved CX and saw a 29% lead generation conversion rate

  • Date :18 February, 2020
  • Client : Porter Davis
Engaged workflow
Completed workflow
Converted into a lead

The Challenge

Porter Davis is a leading Australian volume home builder and a 2019 HIA Australian Professional Major Builder. Being one of Australia’s premium volume builders, Porter Davis had a mandate to improve their digital customer experience.

With over 300 home packages available at any point in time it can be difficult for consumers to find the right package for them. Porter Davis wanted to solve this problem.... “How can we help customers find the perfect house or house and land package for them, easily, quickly and in a fun and engaging manner?”

What Porter Davis needed

As part of their digital transformation project, customer engagement and experience required an innovative approach. This is where preezie’s fresh approach and innovative product formed an important part of their overall digital customer journey strategy. At preezie, we consulted with Porter Davis to understand their customers typical path to purchase. In this process we began to understand what elements of buying a house is most important. We then replicated the experience of talking to a sales consultant, only online. This allows potential buyers to easily understand within seconds what products from Porter Davis’ huge range suit them best. Gone are the days of scrolling through dozens of pages, plugging in multiple filters, coming up empty, or even worse, leaving frustrated and confused. Now, you go onto the Porter Davis website, answer a handful of questions and let the preezie software do all the hard work and find your perfect package.

How preezie works for Porter Davis?

The result is what Porter Davis call the “Home Finder Wizard”.

See it live in action here: https://porterdavis.com.au/survey/

The Home Finder Wizard helps you find the perfect home for you in seconds. The preezie system considers how important certain aspects of a home is, we then capture the requirements from the potential buyers and cross reference all this information through a mathematical recommendation engine to display the best 6 options for that specific customers need.

For example; Judy from North Melbourne is looking to buy her first house; she wants a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1 car garage under $280,000. Porter Davis have a perfect fit, a smart living Monarch 20, however its $285,000, $5,000 over her budget. The normal process of filtering and categorisation on a website would struggle to help Judy as her budget would cut her off, and she doesn’t know that the Smart Living range is well suited for her. This is how preezie helps the Porter Davis customer and experience, just like a sales assistant in a display home, by using the Home Finder Wizard, Judy now knows from the range of over 300 packages that the Monarch 20 is the one for her.

preezie’s results and key metrics

After implementing the preezie software Porter Davis saw incredible engagement and leads:

• 70% of the sessions that hit the Home Wizard Finder page engaged with the workflow, from there 63% of those sessions went through the entire process and completed the workflow and amazingly a huge 29% of the total sessions converted into a lead.

• In other words, for every 1,000 people that hit the Home Finder Wizard page, Porter Davis get 290 qualified leads with over 15 data points each.

Great business intelligence and customer insights:

• Being a home builder, it’s imperative that Porter Davis understands the trends of the market. Through preezie’s platform, Porter Davis are gaining invaluable insights from their target customers that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain without being invasive.

Overall, Porter Davis are improving the customer experience for users, getting lots of leads that are converting to sales and obtaining valuable insights into those customers to use in marketing, personalisation and product development.


"One of the first leads we captured resulted in a sale of a $500k house and land package and a very happy family. If I could sum up the benefit of the platform it would be of course lead capture and conversions but also the wealth of data and insights gained from the process. We learn something new everyday about our potential clients, their preferences in area, budget and design and we can tailor solutions real time to the market demand."

Julie Wright
General Manager – Business and Digital Transformation (CIO Top 50)

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