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preezie and Blue Bungalow case study


Discover the secret to Blue Bungalow's phenomenal success on the nextbuy brand-to-brand referral network, where they achieved amazing results surpassing their advertising performance on Google and Facebook Ads.

nextbuy vs. Google Ads

  • 78% lower cost per acquisition
  • 27% higher conversion rate
  • 14% higher average order value

nextbuy vs. Facebook Ads

  • 7X higher conversion rate 
  • 13% higher average order value

Download the full case study to discover how you too can benefit from this winning formula for eCommerce success.

nextbuy vs. Google Ads Triumph Lingerie sees 42% boost in CR & 63% lower CPA-1

Collaborate and cross-promote for customer acquisition


nextbuy is an exclusive brand-to-brand referral network that enables high-quality customer acquisition through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Through nextbuy, you collaborate with non-competing brands to cross-promote to each other's customer base, effectively reaching a wider audience that shares similar interests and needs.

By displaying the nextbuy widget on your checkout confirmation page, you can extend discounts and special offers from brand partners to your customers, and in turn, they will do the same for you. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

nextbuy captures shoppers when they are in the buying mindset and provides an added incentive to continue shopping.

With just a click, shoppers can easily navigate to your website and make an instant purchase. Not only will this referral traffic increase your sales revenue, but it will also elevate your brand's visibility.