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AI is changing the way your customers shop. Are you ready to step up? preezie is building the ultimate AI shopping assistant, and you can get early access!

Join leading brands in harnessing preezie's interactive ecommerce solutions.

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Streamline the path to purchase

Acquire quality shoppers, guide them towards informed purchase decisions through tailored
personalized experiences, leveraging zero- and first-party data, and offer exclusive rewards and incentives.

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Brand-to-brand referral network


lower CPA




Individualized customer experiences


uplift in conversion



shopper profile

Zero- and first-party customer data collection


more emails

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Collaborate with top brands for increased sales & reduced CAC

Join our exclusive brand-to-brand referral network to cross-promote with other popular retailers, post checkout. Share audiences and drive high-quality customer acquisition with a 10x ROI.


lower CPA

60 min

to get live


per sale

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Guide shoppers to their perfect products

Leverage the power of behavioral psychology to engage shoppers through interactive quizzes and provide personalized product recommendations that align with their unique interests and needs. Whether it's a jeans finder or a gift finder, create captivating journeys
that empower customers to make well-informed decisions.


uplift in conversion


reduction in bounce rate


more emails captured

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Boost customer LTV with hyper-targeted campaigns & shopper profiles

Capture shoppers' email and SMS details via journeys and send highly personalized campaigns. Profile shoppers using their quiz information, and deliver targeted pre/post-purchase promotions. Integrate this data via APIs and web data layers with your CDP, CRM, and email marketing systems.


more emails & SMS collected


click-through rate


AOV increase from product result emails

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What our brands have to say...

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Guitar Center



lower cost per acquisition

“nextbuy's traffic quality is truly exceptional and surpasses that of our Google Ads, particularly when it comes to conversions. The remarkable 42% increase in conversion rate and 63% lower CPA achieved on nextbuy compared to Google is truly phenomenal.”

Emma Northfield,

Commerce Manager for AU & NZ

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lower cost per acquisition

“This 78% reduction in cost per acquisition compared to Google Ads speaks volumes about the power of the network. Unlike traditional digital paid channels, where brands compete against each other to outbid and drive up costs, nextbuy fosters collaboration and shared success.”

Emma Filliponi,

Head of eCommerce and Marketing

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more sales from musicians

“We can gain an immense amount of enriching data to elevate the overall experience at Guitar Center. Our findings show that customers spend up to 11% more time on site and are up to 25% more likely to add an item to the cart when they flow through a preezie journey.”

Ryan Fitzgerald,

Ecommerce Operations Manager

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started the camera quiz

“The results show that 93% of shoppers who start our camera journeys complete it. This tells us that in order to deliver a world-class customer experience, we need to provide self-serve and guided shopping both in store and online.”

Claire Whitehouse,

Marketing Manager - Customer & Trade

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increase in conversion rate

“preezie is an integral part of our eComm strategy to counteract the conversion rate decline in social media. preezie allows us to engage new customers and guide them through an online shopping journey that increases their conversion rate by more than 125%.”

Christ Ventura,

Global Ecommerce Manager

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more revenue from email workflow

“We generated 92% more sales thanks to the power of preezie journeys and the email capture feature. These results not only highlight the solution’s ability to captivate customers, but also emphasise its potential to drive conversions and revenue growth for our business.”

Ash Mehta,

Head of Technology

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