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Case study

2XU increased their online conversion rate by +125% in three months with preezie

completed the compression tights finder
uplift in conversion rate
increase in average order value
  • Date: 13 December, 2022
  • Client: 2XU

Chris Ventura, Global Ecommerce Manager at 2XU


2XU is a leading sportswear brand that’s best known for their advanced compression clothing made from superior technology and fabrics. 2XU is available in more than 70 countries and has a global eCommerce presence.

The Challenge

Increasing website conversions from first-time visitors is a top priority for 2XU. Driving web traffic is only one part of the equation but getting new shoppers to buy is even more difficult. With the death of cross-web identifiers, such as third-party cookies, 2XU has seen a drop in their social media conversion rate, as most brands have. To combat this, they were looking for different ways to onboard new customers to the brand and encourage purchases.

The solution

2XU wanted an eCommerce integration that would help new customers understand their vast range of sports apparel, educating shoppers to make the best choice. They believed that a simple ‘product finder tool’ would increase conversions by providing an interactive shopping experience. Chris Ventura, Global eCommerce Manager at 2XU, connected with preezie and was impressed by our tool that allows shoppers to share their requirements to receive product recommendations. Ventura says, “The implementation was very smooth and documentation was easy to follow. The preezie integration was up and running on our website in no time.”

2XU implemented the preezie tool for their best-selling and most complex product line - tights made from their proprietary PWX compression fabric. Through preezie’s guided shopping journey, 2XU website visitors share their sporting activity, preferred length for tights, ideal level of compression, and other preferences to retrieve relevant results.

Why preezie

Mirrors our in-store experience and increases customer’s intent to purchase
2XU have built their compression tights finder based on the questions their retail staff ask customers in-store. Ventura says, “It’s great that preezie handholds shoppers through the product discovery journey. You can turn a first-time visitor with low intent to purchase into an actual sale because they see value in the recommended products.”

Creates a layer of validation for customer purchases
“There are a few ways shoppers can find what they need on our site, but when they go through the preezie product discovery tool, they convert 125% higher because of the behavioural psychology built into the language, structure, and design of the journey. Tagging products as best match, great match, and good match adds another layer of validation that the product is right for the customer,” says Ventura.

Local Customer Success team provides ongoing support
The opportunity to partner with preezie’s local implementation and customer success specialists was a key deciding factor for 2XU. Ventura says, “The quality of preezie’s local representatives really sold us over. They’ve been proactive in sharing some fantastic ideas on how we can further leverage the preezie tool to drive even more sales.”

Results and benefits

2XU monitored the performance of their compression tights finder across three months after implementation, from August to November 2022. The results below are preliminary findings from Australia:

Improved conversion rate
A shopper who completes the compression tights finder and clicks on a recommended product has a +125% chance of converting than a shopper who doesn’t interact with the tool.

Uplift in average order value
A shopper who uses the compression tights finder and makes a purchase based off their results has an average order value that’s 50.7% greater than a shopper who doesn’t interact with the tool.

Improved customer engagement
95% of website visitors who clicked on the compression tights finder completed the Q&A journey, with 82% going on to select a recommendation. The preezie tool converted at 8.12% for 2XU’s Australian online store in just three months.

The future

2XU have comprehensive plans to drive more shoppers to the compression tights finder. They’re including it in EDMs, social media campaigns, and their website navigation. “We don't currently make the product discovery tool a big enough deal. We just need more people to go through the journey because it converts so well,” Ventura says. 2XU would also like to roll out preezie’s product discovery tool across other core product lines.


preezie is an integral part of our eComm strategy to counteract the conversion rate decline in social media. preezie allows us to engage new customers and guide them through an online shopping journey that increases their conversion rate by more than 125%.

Chris Ventura
Global Ecommerce Manager