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Case study

Icon By Design boost their email capture rate by 491%

uplift in email captures
uplift in conversion rate
41 x
return on investment
  • Date: 30 March, 2022
  • Client: Icon By Design

The Challenge

Icon By Design creates furniture to last a lifetime, with a focus on natural, sustainable materials and craftsmanship. Their designs are minimal, elegant and timeless. Scandinavian-inspired, Mid-Century Modern furniture. Each piece sparks conversations, makes relationships richer and moments more memorable.

Icon By Design is a well-established business in the Australian market that has been around since 2015. The company also recently launched IconByDesign in the USA which expanded their global presence in early 2021 - despite an ongoing pandemic! Both countries needed a platform that would help strengthen their marketing strategy and help them remain ahead of an evolving digital world.

The challenges they face:
1. Optimising their current conversion rates for both countries ,
2. Increasing their email database
3. Adapting to the impact of the iOS14.5 update (like everyone!)
4. How to economically employ the preezie technology into a new start up

The strategies for the two businesses differ. In Australia, they were on the hunt for an eCommerce and marketing strategy that could boost their current online sales and increase conversion rates. For the USA, their focus was centred on collecting emails through a lead magnet strategy. On top of that, both websites also had to learn how to adapt to the data privacy changes rolled out by Apple in April 2021.

Apple released iOS 14.5, giving iPhone users even more control over their data. The update forced developers to ask iPhone and iPad users for permission to track their data in order to deliver personalised advertising to those customers. The implications of the update caused uncertainty for many eCommerce businesses. The release impacted channels including digital advertising, email marketing, mobile apps on the App Store and more.

Whilst many businesses scrambled to maintain their current eCommerce performance with the added friction of the Apple release, this update inspired Icon By Design to find new ways to collect enriching and valuable data.

“We launched Icon By Design (USA) in March 2021 from Australia during a pandemic and without any physical stores available yet. On top of that, Apple released iOS14.5 in April. The update caused drama and uncertainty for everyone in eCommerce. Therefore, our initial objective was to find a meaningful way to collect valuable data given the rising concern in consumer data privacy. We knew that email marketing is an effective channel to collect and capture new potential customers. We also felt that we needed a retail experience platform that could elevate our marketing campaigns and help us gain enriching data and insights,” said Jamie Frank, Head of Marketing, Icon By Design.

Why preezie

Icon By Design needed a solution that taps into behavioural psychology, helping them delve deep into the minds of shoppers when faced with choice paralysis. Incoming… preezie! Icon By Design identified preezie as a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) opportunity. The retail experience platform enables them to implement a data driven marketing strategy, empowering customers to provide insights other marketing initiatives cannot.

“The concept of guided conversion online through gamification essentially helps shoppers to engage with Icon By Design and begin their own discovery journey. Allowing shoppers to play a game with an incentive, whilst assisting them to find the right furniture, ticked all the boxes for us in terms of delivering a unique customer experience. It helped us take the in-store experience and recreate it online,” said Frank.

The preezie implementation

Icon By Design launched their preezie journeys in Australia in as little as 4 weeks. Shortly after that, they replicated the journeys and logic for their US store in less than a week, 4 days to be exact!

The setup for the Australian website required a range of preezie solutions such as home page integrations, pop-ups and widgets. Whereas, the configuration for the US website, IconByDesign solely utilised the timed pop-up tool as a lead magnet with an incentive to capture new leads.

They currently run email marketing campaigns and target potential customers with the data driven insights. Icon By Design focuses on consistently improving their journeys on both eCommerce stores, with the objective of increasing their sales and collecting more data. The high engagement and uptake of the journeys prompted Icon By Design to further improve their journeys, allowing them to establish an incentive within their preezie pop-up.

“The preezie team are all hands on deck! We managed to get up and running really quickly, especially for our US site. We were live and launched in four days! The Customer Success team guided us through the process to help fast track all the permutations and rules that needed to be considered when we built out the questions and answers,” explained Frank.

Customer success

“preezie is the most comprehensive retail experience platform, and the team is always there to provide their expertise! I genuinely enjoy our strategy sessions, as we always think of efficient and new ways to optimise the journeys performance. They always provide valuable statistics, which I’m able to share with my CEO. The team is very much on the pulse of all things digital and we share insights and opportunities, which ultimately strengthens our relationship,” said Frank.

The results

preezie’s retail experience platform has delivered a very positive online shopping experience for visitors coming to both websites. The solution enables Icon By Design to curate product recommendation journeys tailored for individual shoppers, allowing them to build customer trust and foster brand loyalty. With 39% of sales being generated through preezie, these journeys create a memorable, interactive and engaging experience for potential customers that are looking to find the furniture to suit their lifestyle.

“There is a clear correlation between the preezie implementation and the 491% uplift in email capture rate. We can definitely see the improvement and impact preezie has on our overall marketing strategy at Icon By Design. We have also experienced a 41x ROI and a 60% uplift in our Average Order Value for users of the preezie solution. Not only has the retail experience platform helped customers find the perfect product more efficiently than other filtering methods, but we have also seen an increase in sign-ups to mailing lists, which gets customers into our email marketing segmentation funnels,” explained Frank.


“preezie provides a platform that aligns strongly with our marketing strategy. We are able to dissect metrics and analytics to make better decisions for our marketing promotions. The preezie team are ambitious innovators and are leaders in customer-centricity. This retail experience platform is a game-changer for us.”

Jamie Frank
Head of Marketing