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Case study

My Linen supercharged their email capture rate by 357%

uplift in email captures
uplift in conversion rate
of starts complete a journey
  • Date: 10 June, 2022
  • Client: My Linen

About My Linen

My Linen is proud to have served over 100,000 happy customers in Australia and create an easy and intuitive shopping experience online. They have a wide range of bedding, bathroom and living linen needs, helping customers create their dream bedroom. They stock everything from quilt cover sets, cushions and throws, to white goods such as sheets, mattress toppers, quilts, doonas, pillows and much more.

Using preezie

My Linen wanted to provide a guided shopping experience for their online shoppers, and make it easier for customers to narrow down on the endless options of bedding, bathroom and living linen products. Simultaneously, they needed an eCommerce solution to help boost email captures.

“Our findings show that our shoppers need a bit of guidance and direction whilst browsing through our wide range of linen. We have over hundreds of sheets, covers and pillows. We needed a platform that could help customers in their search and provide personalised recommendations on our linen range,” Joshua Pilt, Marketing Manager at My Linen.

“preezie enabled us to warmly greet customers the moment they land on our website, just like how you would be greeted in store. It’s proven to be such a pleasant experience for our customers that it’s increased our conversion rate by 223%. They gain a sense of reassurance with our recommendations, as we provide personalised options based on their linen needs,” said Pilt.

Lead capture solution

By shifting My Linen’s email capture strategy to the forefront of the website, they were able to lift their email capture rate up by 357%. In addition, they were able to bolster their lead capture strategy by implementing a monthly prize giveaway, which immensely increased online engagement.

“We are big believers that there’s better ways to capture data than rely on generic 10% off discount codes in exchange for more subscribers. Initially our email strategy involved asking customers to opt-in to our marketing emails whilst checking out. However, we wanted to add more value to both our customers' experience and implement a strategy that could increase our email capture rates,” said Pilt.

My Linen aimed to surface the level of interest and intent of their website visitors. A major learning post implementation showed that the customers who engaged with the preezie journeys were more inclined to share email details and shopping preferences in exchange for personal details because they were immersed with a gamification experience.

“Our visitors show strong intent and website engagement when they interact with preezie, with 72% of shoppers completing our journeys. preezie has allowed us to provide a more personalised pop-up experience, which has proven to increase our email captures in such a short space of time compared to regular discount sign up forms,” added Pilt.

Using Klaviyo

The Klaviyo services that My Linen leverage include emails marketing, automation, signup forms and analytics.

Given the changes Apple announced on blocking third party cookies, My Linen like many other brands were struck with limitations in tracking user information and retargeting visitors. My Linen’s needed to find a new way of capturing first party data.

“preezie helped us gain our own shoppers' details and insights which we would have never had access to previously. We’ve seen an uplift in our conversions by 223%. Without this CX engine driving more first party data, we wouldn't have been able to fuel our emails with deeper personalisation and targeted messages,” said Pilt.

Using preezie and Klaviyo

“The initial setup was super quick, we connected our preezie data to Klaviyo really easily. It was as simple as adding the API key in,” said Pilt.

“We wanted to increase our first party data to create more targeted emails and content. A classic example would be the abandoned cart flow. It’s easy to retarget and market to those with items in their cart because we already have those details. However, if it weren’t for preezie, we wouldn’t have been able to remarket to visitors that are in earlier stages of their buying journey. With preezie, even if our shoppers aren’t ready to purchase, I know I can remarket and send them all the relevant products they want to see based on the preezie first party data,” said Pilt.

“We’re able to absorb first party data including shoppers names, emails, the questions they answered, the answers they chose and the recommendations we provided. We use this data to retarget shoppers that have browsed our website, and send them personalised retargeted content based on their needs,” said Pilt.

Impact on the business

The Klaviyo integration has helped My Linen automate their remarketing email campaigns. My Linen are able to streamline retargeted email sequences and create content based on variables and parameters such as colour, size and product.

“If a shopper shares insights on their linen needs, we’re able to remarket and send relevant content that’s meaningful. preezie has helped us send more targeted content and more personalised emails to our shoppers,” said Pilt.


preezie drives high user engagement, which essentially helps My Linen to capture more new customers that are browsing on our website. With preezie, we’ve been able to unlock a lot of enriching first-party data which we couldn’t previously access. From the data we’ve gained, we’re able to build and personify our email marketing campaigns, sending more personalised content to not only our current customers but also to new visitors.

Joshua Pilt
Marketing Manager