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Quality traffic. More sales. Better return.

Stop overpaying for customers and combat skyrocketing advertising costs. Join preezie’s nextbuy network for exclusive access to low-cost referrals from the checkout pages of popular retailers.

Cross-promote with non-compete brands and reach new customers who are ready to buy.

Draw customers in while they’re hot


A customer makes an online purchase for an item they love


They’re in the buying mindset after their post-purchase high


They’re presented with exciting offers that they can’t pass up


The customer is drawn to your offer and purchases instantly

What’s in it for me?

Low-cost referrals. Increased conversions.

conversion rate on referrals
return on investment
brand impressions click through
60 mins
to get live

Vertical and platform agnostic

A taste of who’s in the nextbuy network

You heard it here first

"Through preezie's nextbuy channel, customers are coming in hot with the intent to purchase!"

It’s easy to join the nextbuy network

Set up your account and you tell us about your shoppers.
Put in the offers you want to promote on the network.
Plug our code into your checkout page and acquire new customers.
What’s this going to cost me?

Pay for the metric that matters...


return on ad spend

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What are you waiting for?
Join the nextbuy network today!


Can I choose where my website is shown?
We continuously optimise the nextbuy network to ensure your brand gets the best performance. Upon joining the network, we ask all new brands to specify any website categories / industries they DON'T want to be shown on. We’ll promptly implement these preferences to deliver the best results.
What reporting analytics are available to me?
You will have a dedicated dashboard that tracks total revenue referred, incoming clicks, sales and revenue per referrer in real-time. It also shows you how many clicks and sales you're giving out to the network! In addition, you can easily track these referrals in your own Google Analytics.
When would I be charged for referred sales?
You'll only be charged when you receive referral sales from the network. We invoice each month for the previous month's commission.
Is it difficult to integrate on my website?
Not at all! Once we've set up your promotional offer content, you just need to copy and paste some code onto your website and you’re live! This code allows preezie to track incoming clicks, referred sales, and performance.
Why should I join the nextbuy network?
  • Fight the rising costs of acquisition - Leverage a unique, predictable, low-cost, always-on acquisition channel.
  • Capture new shoppers with no effort - Sit back and relax while the network provides you with new audiences that convert.
  • See where your new customers shop - See what brands your new customers came from and learn where they shop.
  • Go live in less than 60 minutes - Simply plug our code into your site and we’ll manage the rest.
What regions is nextbuy available in? 
nextbuy is available to brands selling in Australia and New Zealand. Our expansion into the US market is coming soon, so please reach out and let us know if you’d like to join our waiting list.
Who can join the network? 
Currently, retailers selling goods to consumers can join the network. As the nextbuy network evolves, we will be looking to include other types of providers in the mix.