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Craft unique shopping experiences through data-driven personalization

Collect shoppers' email and SMS details through engaging journeys to deliver hyper-personalized campaigns. Utilize their quiz responses to build detailed shopper profiles for targeted promotions.

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Boost customer LTV with hyper-targeted campaigns

The use of email and SMS capture within preezie’s product recommendation quiz tool, called journeys, enables you to deliver highly personalized and targeted communications that resonate with shoppers. After capturing shoppers' contact details at the end of their journey, you can send tailored follow-up campaigns leveraging their personalized results, interests, and preferences.

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What are you looking for?

What fit do you fancy?

What is the occasion?

What’s your personality?

What color?



Slim Fit





3 Seconds

2 Seconds

3 Seconds

6 Seconds

5 Seconds

Feature highlights

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Zero and first-party data personalization

When a preezie shopper enters their personal information, all their quiz journey data is connected, allowing for unlimited profiling and hyper-segmentation. Power your ecommerce strategies and business decisions with shopper data insights.

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Lead capture and database growth

Build an enriched customer databasefor precise targeting. Increase your email and SMS capture rates with preezie, tailoring your interactions to specific audience segments to ensure your message resonates with them.


Data insights and analytics

When a preezie shopper enters their personal information, all their quiz journey data is connected, allowing for unlimited profiling and hyper-segmentation. Power your ecommerce strategies and business decisions with shopper data insights.

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Light-touch integration

We seamlessly integrate into your existing technology. No dev work required, simply copy and paste the preezie code. Integrate shopper data using APIs and data layers into your CDP, CRM, Analytics and email marketing systems.

Retargeting without third-party cookies

You can customize quiz questions to gather specific data about product preferences, lifestyle choices, and shopping habits, enabling the creation of comprehensive shopper profiles. These profiles can then be segmented for retargeting email marketing campaigns. With a better understanding of user preferences, you can adapt website interfaces, content, and promotions based on insights gained from user quizzes, creating a more personalized user experience that increases the likelihood of purchases.

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Integrate easily with technology you already use

Seamlessly transmit preezie’s zero and first-party data directly into your chosen platform in real-time. Once activated, every user who completes a lead form at the end of a preezie journey will have their quiz data accessible in your CDP, CRM, and email marketing platform. This lead form data usually includes contact details like:

Name and email address

Mobile number

Custom fields such as 'date of birth'

Opt-in consent

Lead Information


Clara Jane




12 Dec 2001



Are you looking for Makeup, Skincare or Beauty Tools?


Make up


What makeup can we help you find?




Are you interested in long-lasting or allergen-free products?




What is your budget?


Nothing over $50



SKU123 - Pastel Eye Shadow Palette, $49.95


SKU234 - Cream Eye Shadow Face Stick, $27.00

The integration attaches all user-provided answers and preference data collected during the quiz journey, along with the product recommendations they received, to the respective Contact record in your platform.

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shopper profile case study

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more revenue generated from email workflow


higher email click-through rate


uplift in conversion rate


increase in AOV



more revenue from email workflow

“We generated 92% more sales thanks to the power of preezie journeys and the email capture feature. These results not only highlight the solution’s ability to captivate customers, but also emphasise its potential to drive conversions and revenue growth for our business.”

Ash Mehta,

Head of technology

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