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Case study

Tontine uplifted their conversion rate by 1080%

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  • Date: 28 September, 2022
  • Client: Tontine

Magenta Kwan, Digital Marketing Manager and Scott Haywood, Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Tontine has been helping Australian families sleep comfortably for over 60 years, by providing bedding of unrivalled quality and value. They produce high quality pillows using materials such as recycled polyester, Australian wool, feather & down, as well as more modern and exotic materials like memory foam and latex. Tontine products are available in leading retail stores including David Jones, Myer, Harris Scarfe , Big W and Woolworths, just to name a few.

Tontine conducted an extensive U&A study on the bedding market and discovered that searching for bedding is a typically unpleasant experience for everyday shoppers. One of the key findings that came out of the study was that shoppers were really dissatisfied with the whole process. Shoppers struggled to identify their own wants and needs, which meant that they would ultimately purchase the completely wrong bedding.

The two major challenges in the bedding industry are that:
- Shoppers don’t know what they want to buy
- Shoppers don’t know what they need

These two findings reveal the limitations and current frustrations that bedding shoppers in Australia experience.

“eCommerce has evolved rapidly in the last few years. It’s amazing to see how easily accessible it is to purchase household items like bedding from a couple of taps on a mobile phone. However, convenience doesn’t necessarily mean that shoppers are entirely satisfied with their purchase. Shopping online is a completely different experience to buying items in-store. Shoppers don’t get to feel, touch or even ask retail assistants questions whilst browsing online. Touching and feeling products is a big part of the customer journey, and we wanted to improve the experience within the bedding industry, ” said Magenta Kwan, Digital Marketing Manager, Tontine.

These challenges came with major implications, not just for Tontine as a leading brand, but also for the whole bedding industry. Tontine wanted to reshape the way shoppers purchase bedding. They wanted to offer a solution that would not only solve shoppers' problems in picking the right product, but also improve their level of confidence in identifying products that matched their specific bedding needs.

Why preezie

Prior to their quest for a guided shopping solution, Tontine had identified the key issues they faced within the bedding industry. They wanted to find a platform that could help shoppers feel more educated and empowered to purchase the right product. Previously, Tontine had developed buying guides in written form, where shoppers could read through articles that consisted of bedding explanations and guides. However, these articles were either oversimplified or way too complex. They wanted to provide a guide that was very simple and interactive.

“The beautiful part of preezie is that it's very simple, interactive and non-threatening to our shoppers. We didn’t want to start a significant and important project as this from scratch and go it alone. To do this project justice and to do it properly from the ground up would have taken us close to twelve months and would have been very costly. So we were astonished when we found an off-the-shelf solution that was relatively inexpensive, could effortlessly fit within our technology stack and be implemented relatively quickly,” Scott Haywood, Marketing Manager, Tontine.

“We loved the idea that we could continue to build on from the initial journeys, and that this project wouldn’t be a once-off. When we were looking at other alternatives to preezie, one of the options was to build it out ourselves. This meant that it would have been a once-off project, where we’d need to hire developers that could potentially disappear post project. With preezie, we’re able to continually improve our customer experience, leverage the support from our fortnightly meetings. also look into expanding our other categories to build out new journeys such as a quilt buying guide,” added Kwan.

The preezie implementation

“Our initial objective was to build out the preezie journeys and go live in 6 weeks. We were able to use our existing written guides and articles as a base to build out the questions for our journey. Throughout the implementation process we were also able to optimise our initial set of questions, which helped us evolve our journeys further. We managed to go live in as little as 5 weeks and beat our initial goal! It was really straight forward and seamless,” said Mr Haywood.

Tontine blitzed onboarding as they were well prepared, making it a breeze! They had a clear direction of the type of shopping experience they wanted to achieve, and how they wanted their shoppers to feel. They were also able to repurpose and implement content from their current marketing material, which saved them more time. This meant they could spend more of their efforts on optimising and refining their journeys.

Customer success

“What's really pleasing to see is that preezie has not only helped build and launch our journeys, but have also nurtured our strong and continuous partnership. preezie proactively works with us, shares their expertise and constantly fine-tunes our shoppers' experiences. We also have visibility on the measurable impact and performance of our journeys, which has been absolutely fantastic. We were blown away with the performance, as the conversion rate has lifted by 1080%,” said Mr Haywood.

Tontine regularly meets with the Customer Success team at preezie. These fortnightly sessions involve trying different ideas, optimising the preezie journeys as well as AB testing. Tontine are able to leverage tutorials and personalised content to further enhance their journeys.


“In the near future we’re looking to build a quilt buying guide, as an extension of our pillow buying guide. And as we move into rolling out our bigger strategy, we are also looking at in-store implementation, using QR codes or potentially even tablets to bring that online experience in-store. We want to remove as many barriers as we can in bedding and make it really easy for shoppers to feel more confident about picking the right bedding off the shelf. It’s very rare these days to find people that solely shop online or in-store. Our focus at the moment is on refining our omnichannel strategy to bring better experiences to our shoppers,” said Ms Kwan.

Tontine identified that one of the key problems in-store was that shoppers would stare at a wall of pillows and have no idea what they were looking at. They didn’t know what questions to ask themselves and inevitably they would buy the wrong products. By bringing the preezie experience in-store, shoppers will be able to scan the QR code or use the tablets, and feel confident in knowing which bedding product to grab off the shelf.

“From a business perspective our vision is to grow our brand and to continue to be the market leader in this category. Taking innovative technology like the preezie solution to our retail partners will help cement our position as market leaders. preezie’s impact effectively shows retail customers, how we are going to grow their business as well as ours and keep our brand, Tontine number one,” said Mr Haywood.


“We’ve noticed a significant jump in our conversions, and it’s evident that the platform is performing exceptionally well with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 31x. We’ve also seen really strong engagement on our website with 90% of the shoppers that start the Tontine pillow buying journey, view their personalised recommendations. And to think that this is all based on a soft launch where we haven’t even begun pushing and promoting the buying guides. We are thrilled to see the increase in uptake once we start promoting our guides through email marketing,” said Scott Haywood.

Tontine are very research and performance driven, and can clearly see that preezie has contributed to 16% of their overall revenue. They’ve been able to demonstrate to their national retail partners the impact of preezie and how their omnichannel strategy can change the game in the bedding industry. Retailers are excited to see how innovative technology like preezie will transform the in-store and digital space.

“The opportunities with preezie are endless, we’ve started our journeys with pillows, what about toppers and quilts!? Our aim is to further bolster the current performance and then tell the world about our guides! We’re super excited to see what the future holds based on our current results,” said Magenta Kwan.


We've been searching for a guided shopping solution that is engaging, interactive and easy to roll out. preezie is helping us to change the way Aussies shop for bedding. We’ve seen an ROI of 31x which is a win-win for our brand, our retail partners and our shoppers. Shoppers can now confidently grab products off the shelf in-store, and can also make better buying decisions online. Lastly, the insights and first party data that preezie collects is the icing on the cake. We now have a better understanding of how many people are shopping for themselves versus others, and even how many people consider themselves as hot or cold sleepers. This level of insight equips us with more knowledge to offer shoppers more of what they want

Scott Haywood
Marketing Manager