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Case study

Bayside Blades increased email capture by 600%

of total revenue through preezie
increase in email captures
conversion rate uplift
  • Date: 24 August, 2021
  • Client: Bayside Blades

The Challenge

Bayside Blades offers the largest range of inline and roller skates in Australia. With over 15,000 SKU’s of rollerblades, spares, accessories and styles on offer, choosing the right pair of skates can be seriously intimidating. Bayside Blades needed an ecommerce solution to help customers effortlessly navigate through the broad range of skates.

“We were missing that human element of direction. We were relying on conventional search bars and filters which just didn’t cut it. For those first time skaters looking to try a new pair, or regular skaters looking to replace an old pair, finding a new pair of wheels was an overwhelming and exhausting experience,” explains Founder of Bayside Blades, Neil Jesberg.

“We needed to strengthen our engagement on our site and replicate our outstanding in-store customer service. We wanted our passion for skates to come through, and to help customers achieve that feeling of movement flow that only the right pair of skates can bring,” adds Founder of Bayside Blades, Andrea Winzor.

Why preezie, did you look at other Solutions?

preezie provided Bayside Blades with a dynamic retail experience platform that empowered customers to swiftly gain access to the best skates.

“When we were looking at the different guided shopping tools available on the market, preezie’s solution was a clear winner. They showed us plenty of examples of how we could successfully structure our journeys, and made it easy to understand how the tool could be applied to our site. From our point of view the proof was in the pudding!” said Jesberg.

The Implementation

“We wanted to determine how to provide tailored skate advice in a simple and effective manner. When we initially explored the qualifying questions, there were a few iterations on our workflow logic and language. We collaborated with the preezie team during our onboarding sessions, and after a few recommendations the rest was very straightforward. Overall, implementing preezie was super smooth, we were up and running in just four weeks,” said Jesberg.

What Bayside Blades Liked

“The support at preezie is exceptional, they have a dedicated Customer Success team that is invested in our success at Bayside Blades. We had regular sessions with the team and we’re constantly working together to improve the journeys on our website,” said Winzor.

“Since they’ve worked with a variety of retailers, the preezie team brings a lot of value in terms of providing different strategies and perspectives. Their feedback and expertise are drawn upon their experience with other businesses, which enriches these sessions,” added Winzor.

The Results

“The results that the preezie platform has brought are phenomenal, as we’ve had a conversion uplift of 291%. The numbers not only speak for itself, but also influence the decisions made within our operations and inventory team. The conversion rate has continuously climbed, and preezie has positively impacted our total revenue by 42%,” explains Jesberg.

preezie simplified the overwhelming volume of skates offered online. Bayside Blades has had an immense increase in engagement, with 95% of customers that started their preezie journey turned into an opportunity. In addition, the email capture feature was launched within the journeys. Bayside Blades rewarded consumers that completed the preezie journey by delivering their quiz results via email. This new feature rapidly increased the email capture rate by 600%.

“We also rolled out the preezie solution in-store, giving customers a new way to engage during busy periods and while waiting in line. This method was perfect for customers that were more reserved, who prefered to shop on their own and pondered on their purchase. They found it more comfortable interacting with our preezie quiz, instead of having to discuss their preferences with a sales assistant,” said Winzor.


“Overall, implementing preezie was super smooth and very straightforward. This powerful platform has made a huge impact on our website, immensely increasing our email capture rate by 600%. It was a no-brainer when we decided to add more preezie journeys across our whole website.”

Andrea Winzor
Founder of Bayside Blades