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preezie's case studies

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Case study

nextbuy: Blue Bungalow

Blue Bungalow's success on nextbuy: 78% lower cost per acquisition and 7X higher conversion rate compared to Google and Facebook Ads.

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Case study

nextbuy: Triumph Lingerie

nextbuy vs. Google Ads: Triumph Lingerie sees 42% boost in conversion rate and 63% lower cost per acquisition.

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Case study


Hairhouse achieved a 92% revenue increase with preezie's personalised email workflow in just five months.


Case study


2XU increased their online conversion rate by +125% in three months with preezie


Case Study


Tontine uplifted their conversion rate by 1080%


Case Study


How Canon delivers a world class self-serve in-store shopping experience


Case Study


Triumph uplifted their conversion rate by 311%

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Klaviyo Integration Case Study

My Linen

My Linen supercharged their email capture rate by 357%

icon bydesign

Case Study

Icon By Design

Boosted email capture rate by 491%

guitar centre

Case Study

Guitar Center

Guitar Center empowers customers through individualised experiences

Bayside Blades

Case Study

Bayside Blades

Bayside Blades increased email capture by 600%

oz hair and beauty

Case Study

Oz Hair & Beauty

Bridging the gap between online and in-store experience

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Case Study

Blue Bungalow

Blue Bungalow increases conversions by 377% through guided conversion.


Case study


Curvy's bra finder solves sizing problems

bay sports-1

Case Study

Bay Sports

Bay Sports perfects product discovery with guided conversion tool


Case Study


Sporitude’s shoe finder sees customers convert at 9.7%

nicks wine

Case Study

Nicks Wine

Nicks improves CX and sees 652% increase in CR

carry boy

Case study


Carryboy increase sales by 10% with over x40 more leads