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Case study

Blue Bungalow increases conversions by 377% through guided conversion

increase in conversion rate
106 x
return on investment
of revenue through preezie
  • Date: 10 March, 2020
  • Client: Blue Bungalow

The Challenge

One of our biggest online challenges was product discovery. Helping our customer (core demographic, female 45+) navigate our extensive product range unassisted can be difficult. With over 5,000 products across a variety of categories and styles, their only option for product discovery was standard navigation and product filters. It seemed a sub par experience to what our customer would experience in our retail store.

When a customer walks into our retail store, she might tell our team that she is attending a graduation dinner and needs a dress, with sleeves (because she doesn’t like to show off her arms), that will suit her apple shape and ideally be in a natural fiber – oh and she has no time to iron so make sure that fabric doesn’t need ironing. Piece of cake – we have lots of options that meet these needs. Our team would hand pick what she should try on and the customer would walk out happy. If that same customer found herself online, she would have trouble navigating through the 1000s of styles in order to tick all those boxes. Replicating the in store experience online was the challenge.

Why preezie?

When we looked at preezie we saw an opportunity to enhance our product discovery and personalization. We wanted to give our audience that “in-store service” online.

Working with preezie gives our customers the opportunity to see a tailored selection of our range, based on their wants and needs. On paper, preezie looked like our solution to the challenge but we had two key considerations:

1. Can a system like this truly include enough smarts and logic to replicate talking to a sales assistant? We have over 5,000 products and they can often get complicated. Some products are no iron, some are great for travel, some are under $30, some are over $300. We needed a system that could easily understand and relate that to a customer.

2. Secondly, we needed the system to fit our design aesthetics. It needed to look on brand and easily integrate into our current CMS (Shopify Plus) without any difficulties. Avoiding client side development would also be a bonus.

The preezie implementation?

Getting up and running was done in no time. preezie had a very clear and simple method to get us onboarded. From the first session I understood what the preezie team needed. We created a single workflow to begin with, then quickly spread to other key categories. We have 5 workflows in play currently with a 6th on the way.

Getting the workflows on the Blue Bungalow website was as easy as plugging in two snippets of code – simple enough for me to do myself without having to get our developers involved. Integration was seamless with the support of the extremely helpful preezie team.

The results so far?

A noticeable increase in revenue with over 100 times ROI (with only 5 workflows, aiming to get to more than 15) and growing with optimisation of the workflows. We saw a reduction in bonce rate and a healthy number of interactions immediately – prior to any educational marketing on the new feature. .

The UX has not only given users the ability to pick and customise their options, it has given our users the ability to navigate 5,000 plus products in the discovery phase. With iconography and our expertise in logic, built directly in the workflow, our customers now have something that empowers them to do something that was previously time consuming and difficult.

Figures reflect performance on sessions post interaction with preezie workflows v baseline


“Given our demographic, preezie makes the product discovery journey as frictionless as possible. Being able to bring the in-store retail experience to our website is helping UX and conversions. Onboarding was seamless and the entire process only took a few weeks”

Emma Filliponi