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Case study

Bridging the gap between online and in-store experience

increase in conversion rate
7 live
in 4 weeks
  • Date: 20 April, 2021
  • Client: Oz Hair & Beauty

About OZ Hair & Beauty:

Oz Hair opened its doors in 1986 in the Sydney suburb of Rockdale, by hairdresser Elio Nappa. With his wife Vanessa by his side, Elio’s passion for hairdressing and exceptional client services, quickly saw the expansion of the family business into multiple salon openings.

In 2012 Anthony Nappa saw a business opportunity to support his father’s hairdressing salon by offering an online shopping experience with premium quality products, and so OZ Hair & Beauty was born.

Hard work, dedication, fantastic staff and customer service support has seen rapid growth over the last few years, with Anthony’s brother Guy joining the team to support the ever-expanding product mix.

The Vision for OZ Hair & Beauty is simple, to provide premium hair and beauty products and an exceptional client service, to our dedicated customers nationally.

The challenge?

“We have a very large product range. The typical way customers discover products are through filters, and that just feels like an endless scroll. It does not provide a great consumer experience and does not help the customer understand our product range. Our range is large, with over 13,000 individual product SKUs. It can be overwhelming to navigate a website with that many products. We needed to find a better way to provide customers with seamless, fun and engaging way to discover products on our site.”

Why preezie?

“We built a guided selling survey questionnaire in the past, but it didn’t do and work the way we wanted it to. When we spoke to preezie, we liked where the product was and where it is going. Your solution was engaging, entertaining and it found a way to solve a big problem our customers had.”

“Further to the actual product itself, service is a big deal for us. There are so many different options in the market, and in theory, many of them are the same, so what often counts is service. Will they pick up your phone call? will they respond quickly? Will they jump on a call and chat today? We knew preezie would do all that, we have not been disappointed. So far preezie has been the best software service provider we have ever dealt with."

Were you looking to bring the in-store experience online?

"Our background is hairdressing. When you walk into a salon you can talk to the hairdressers and staff about the products they offer and what they do. Online you cannot do that, preezie provides a great middle ground. It is really about bringing that in-store experience online for those who don’t want to deal with customer service.”

The Preezie implementation?

“Integration was easy, Luke was on top of us the entire way. It was just easy. All we needed to organize was our data, we updated a few tags and that was about it. We needed to decide what type of workflows we needed, their tone of voice and it made for a fun activity throughout the company. We all sat around a board table and worked it out.”

How fast did you get it all up and running?

"Up and running in 4 weeks."

How do you find preezie's customer success?

“I cannot fault the level of service we get from preezie. You guys have the best service I have ever seen from a software business. We are 100% happy with the customer success.”

What does the future of OZ Hair & Beauty look like?

“We want to keep growing at the current rate or faster. We want to add more range to the website and offer more choice. We will also continue to look at technologies that will provide a better customer experience to keep growing the brand.”

Does the future include preezie or any of our future developments?

“The future includes preezie and includes more of preezie. We like your roadmap, we talk about it a lot, we can see lots of cool stuff coming through preezie over the next few months.”

The results so far?

“Results are good so far. Results show that it works and that implementing preezie was a good idea, they speak for themselves.”

“We are also using preezie from a marketing perspective. You can use the reports that preezie provide to find product and inventory gaps, figure out what promotions to run and what content to create. We have already created some content pieces and have our buying team finding products that were decisions made from the preezie reports.”

Anything else to add?

“We are very happy with preezie. It's powerful and has got a great support network. Any business that is thinking about using it, should go all in. It's as good as the end user wants it to be. We believe in it also, we want it to grow also so we put in the time and are getting the results.”


“We are very happy with preezie. Its powerful and it has got a great support network. Any business that is thinking about using it, should go all in.”

Guy Nappa
Operations Director