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Case study

The power of personalisation: Hairhouse achieves impressive 92% revenue growth with preezie and Klaviyo in just five months

more revenue generated from email workflow
higher email click-through rate
uplift in conversion rate
increase in AOV
  • Date: 31 March, 2023
  • Client: Hairhouse

Ash Mehta, Head of Technology at Hairhouse


Hairhouse, the popular Australian hair and beauty company, is taking the industry by storm with its wide range of products and professional salon services. With over 130 stores spread across the country and a thriving online presence, the company has become a go-to destination for anyone looking to enhance their hair and beauty game.

Hairhouse sets itself apart from the competition by prioritising the needs of its customers and providing personalised recommendations both in-store and online. As the Head of Technology, Ash Mehta is constantly exploring ways to improve the online shopping experience for Hairhouse customers. He’s committed to implementing innovative tools that educate customers about their products, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

The challenge

With over 5,000 products listed on their website, Hairhouse recognised that navigating this extensive selection online could be overwhelming for customers. While the in-store experience benefits from the expertise of the Hairhouse team who offer personalised consultations, customers shopping online lack the same level of guidance. Thus, Hairhouse set out to find a solution that would empower customers to make informed choices based on their unique needs when browsing solo on their website.

The solution

To enhance the customer experience and optimise conversion rates, Hairhouse chose preezie because we offer a sophisticated "product finder" tool that educates shoppers about products and helps them find the best match for their needs. Hairhouse also appreciated that preezie's journeys were easy to implement and integrate into the online shopping experience without bombarding customers or being invasive.

Hairhouse also partners with Klaviyo for their email marketing platform to communicate and connect with their customers, building long-lasting relationships. With Klaviyo, they create personalised and targeted email campaigns based on customer behaviour, preferences, purchasing history, and information collected through preezie journeys. This has been powerful in segmenting their customers to allow for more relevant, customised messaging.

Why preezie

preezie's local presence, proven track record with other clients, and convenient implementation process made us the preferred solution provider for Hairhouse.

Mehta said, "We liked that preezie is locally based in Melbourne, and we were confident that the team could help improve our online shopping performance. With the skilled specialists at preezie providing timely assistance and valuable guidance, it was clear that they were the perfect fit for us.”

Why Klaviyo

"We chose Klaviyo to unify our data across various platforms, ensuring a comprehensive customer view of all interactions with our brand and enabling us to personalise customer experiences on a larger scale. During this exciting period of growth for Hairhouse, it was crucial to find technology that could grow with us, and Klaviyo emerged as the perfect solution," explained Mehta.

The implementation

Hairhouse's initial implementation of preezie's product finder tool in September 2022 focused on their electrical products, such as curlers, hair dryers, and straighteners, given the large number of SKUs in this category. Hairhouse worked with preezie to meticulously prepare the product data, craft relevant questions for customers, and design tailored journeys to steer them towards the most fitting products. After this set up, Hairhouse simply added the code for preezie’s product finder tool to their website.

Email capture and Klaviyo workflow
preezie and Klaviyo's collaboration with Hairhouse resulted in an exceptional email capture component that seamlessly integrates into the product finder journey. This feature encourages shoppers to provide their email address to receive a personalised product recommendation along with a 10% discount. By collecting shoppers' contact details, Hairhouse leverages insights gathered from the product finder journeys to build comprehensive customer profiles that include valuable information such as budget, preferred product type, hair type, hair length, and desired outcome. This data helps them run segmented and highly personalised marketing campaigns using Klaviyo that address the specific needs and preferences of their customers.

Methta said, "The product finder tool is often used by customers who are in the initial stages of their research and may not be prepared to make a purchase. However, the email capture and workflow are incredibly effective in increasing customers' purchase intent. The personalised results and discount offer is a great incentive for shoppers. With all the relevant information conveniently sitting in their inbox, they can make an informed purchase decision immediately or later at their convenience.”

Results and benefits

After implementing preezie journeys for a few weeks in September 2022, Hairhouse experienced outstanding results. They decided to expand the tool to include hair treatment and protection products, as well as launch a highly successful seasonal gifting journey. Five months after the expanded implementation, Hairhouse witnessed a significant 4x increase in conversion rate and an impressive 123% boost in the average order value for customers who used the product finder tool, compared to the total number of website shoppers.

To evaluate the effectiveness of our solution, we conducted a comprehensive comparison between the email capture feature of preezie journeys and the Klaviyo workflow, which included personalised product recommendations and a 10% discount, and the standard welcome email series that offered a 10% discount for signing up to the Hairhouse community. The results were remarkable, with the combined email capture feature of preezie journeys and Klaviyo workflow generating an astounding 92% increase in revenue compared to the standard welcome email series. This achievement can be attributed to the tailored recommendations provided to customers, enhancing their shopping experience with a personal touch.

Furthermore, Hairhouse discovered that the combination of preezie journeys' email capture and Klaviyo workflow outperformed the standard welcome email series in terms of engagement. The preezie journeys and Kalivyo email workflow achieved a 29% higher open rate and an astonishing 95% higher click-through rate.

Mehta expressed, "The powerful combination of preezie journeys and Klaviyo enabled us to generate 92% more sales. These results not only demonstrate the solution's ability to captivate customers but also highlight its potential to drive conversions and foster revenue growth for our business."

The future with preezie and Klaviyo

Hairhouse aims to incorporate SMS into the workflow, seamlessly integrated through Klaviyo. This exciting addition allows shoppers to receive their personalised results and exclusive discount codes conveniently via text message. They also plan to expand preezie journeys to other hair care products, including colour maintenance, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and more.

During the previous Christmas season, Hairhouse successfully launched a gift finder, simplifying the process for customers to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Following its huge success, they’re now planning to use the gift finder into their upcoming holiday marketing campaigns, recognising it as a valuable addition to the overall customer journey.

Mehta says, "We've noticed that customers who use preezie journeys have a significantly higher conversion rate than those who don't, and we believe the gift finder will further enhance their shopping experience."


The powerful combination of preezie journeys and Klaviyo enabled us to generate 92% more sales. These results not only demonstrate the solution's ability to captivate customers but also highlight its potential to drive conversions and foster revenue growth for our business."

Ash Mehta
Head of Technology