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Case study

nextbuy vs. Google Ads: Triumph Lingerie sees 42% boost in conversion rate and 63% lower CPA

lower cost per acquisition
boost in conversion rate
increase in revenue
higher average order value
  • Date: 22 May, 2023
  • Client: Triumph Lingerie

Emma Northfield, Ecommerce Manager at Triumph Lingerie


Triumph Lingerie has been designing lingerie since 1886 and they’ve expanded globally with their products available both in physical stores and online. They offer a range of comfortable and high-quality bras and underwear, making women feel confident and comfortable every day.

Emma Northfield is the Ecommerce Manager in AU & NZ for Triumph Lingerie. Her main goal is to drive conversions through their online store, exploring solutions that will lift engagement and conversion rates.

The challenge

Triumph Lingerie faced the challenge of targeting new audiences with a higher intent to purchase while also increasing their brand visibility. They recognised that their advertising on social channels was becoming less effective and increasingly expensive, leading to decreasing conversion rates and return on investment. As a solution, Triumph Lingerie sought to expand their advertising beyond these platforms to generate sales from new channels.

The solution

Triumph Lingerie were intrigued with preezie’s nextbuy solution, which is an exclusive brand-to-brand affiliate network that enables high-quality customer acquisition through mutually beneficial partnerships. Triumph Lingerie appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with non-competing brands to cross-promote each other's products to a broader audience with similar interests and needs. They saw the nextbuy widget as a clever integration that would allow them to tap into the post-purchase excitement and present shoppers with exciting offers.

Northfield stated: "By displaying the nextbuy widget on our checkout confirmation page, we can extend discounts and special offers from preezie's brand partners to our customers. This, in turn, encourages them to do the same for us, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved!"

Triumph Lingerie found the advertising costs associated with the nextbuy affiliate network highly appealing, as they would only be charged for conversions and not clicks. According to Northfield, the competitive $6 average cost per acquisition was a key factor in their decision. She added, "It's a great low-cost option for affiliate marketing where you can easily acquire high-quality customers through referrals."

Results and benefits

The first quarter of 2023 proved to be a huge success for Triumph Lingerie on nextbuy. To assess its effectiveness, we conducted an analysis of nextbuy's performance against Triumph Lingerie’s advertising on Google and Facebook.

In comparison to Google Ads, nextbuy delivered a remarkable 42% higher conversion rate, while also offering a 46% lower cost per click (CPC) and 63% lower cost per acquisition (CPA).

When compared to Triumph Lingerie’s Facebook ads, nextbuy delivered 6% more transactions with a 14% higher average order value (AOV), which translated into an impressive 22% increase in revenue.

These incredible results showcase that nextbuy outperforms traditional digital advertising channels, and highlights that collaboration and cross-promotion are a winning formula for eCommerce success.

Northfield shared, "nextbuy's traffic quality is truly exceptional and surpasses that of our Google Ads, particularly when it comes to conversions. The remarkable 42% increase in conversion rate and 63% lower CPA achieved on nextbuy compared to Google is truly phenomenal. The unique aspect of nextbuy is that it captures the customer's attention while they're already shopping.”

Triumph Lingerie recognises the value of customers who have just completed their purchase at checkout, as they are already in the shopping mood. This presents a prime opportunity for Triumph Lingerie to capture their attention with a unique brand offer. ”Unlike other advertising channels, nextbuy is highly effective in reaching customers who are ready to buy, and not just those in the exploratory phase. By targeting customers who have already converted with another brand, we can tap into their shopping mindset and drive sales for our own brand”, said Northfield.

Final thoughts about nextbuy

Question: What surprised you about joining the nextbuy network?

Answer: “nextbuy has been an invaluable tool for us to gain exclusive access to customers from different retail verticals. We found that the biggest driver of sales through the nextbuy network is Adore Beauty, which allows us to tap into the beauty-interested customer and offer them a natural progression to shop for lingerie. We were pleasantly surprised to find that White & Co, a women's fashion brand, had the strongest conversion rate among our referral sources. Even though they don't offer lingerie products like us, we discovered that many of their customers have a natural tendency to complete their outfits with foundational undergarment pieces. This valuable insight, which we gained from nextbuy's referral reporting, helps us better understand where our customers are shopping and enables us to attract more customers like them."

Question: Could you please elaborate on Triumph's success in using nextbuy's brand-to-brand affiliate network to acquire new customers?

Answer: "Around 96% of the traffic we receive from the nextbuy network are new customers, which is a huge win for us in terms of expanding our reach. What's even more impressive is that we're benefiting from a strong conversion rate too. Our overall conversion rate for the Triumph website is around 3.99% year-to-date, but on nextbuy, it's currently sitting at a notable 7%, which is 1.7 times higher!”

Question: What would you say to a brand that is thinking about joining the nextbuy network?

Answer: “nextbuy offers a truly unique advertising proposition and affiliate network that targets customers who are already in the mindset to make a purchase. With just a click, shoppers can easily navigate to your website and make an instant purchase. By leveraging the power of cross-promotion on nextbuy and tapping into the audiences of similar, non-competing brands, you can increase your visibility and take advantage of new growth opportunities. The best part about nextbuy is that you only pay when a shopper converts, which means you don't have to spend any money until you make a sale through the network. Also, preezie's exceptional service has always been second to none for Triumph, whether it's with their product finder journeys or nextbuy solution.”


nextbuy's traffic quality is truly exceptional and surpasses that of our Google Ads, particularly when it comes to conversions. The remarkable 42% increase in conversion rate and 63% lower CPA achieved on nextbuy compared to Google is truly phenomenal. The unique aspect of nextbuy is that it captures the customer's attention while they're already shopping

Emma Northfield
Ecommerce Manager