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Case study

Curvy's bra finder solves sizing problems

111 x
return on Investment
of total revenue through preezie
conversion rate of users through preezie
  • Date: 9 December, 2020
  • Client: Curvy

The Challenge

When it comes to finding the perfect bra, Australian women with a bust larger than a C cup have traditionally struggled to find the right fit. In 2014 Curvy launched with a goal to close this gap in the market. Today, Curvy offers Australia’s largest range of D-K Cup bras but offering such a vast range came with challenges.

“We have over 1,000 styles available in up to 95 size options,” explains Wes Blundy, owner of Curvy, “The choice can be overwhelming for women that were used to having limited options in mainstream retail stores. We needed a way for customers to easily navigate our 50,000 SKUs.”

“Our second challenge was the need for a bra size quiz,” Blundy continues “The industry knows that 80% of Australian women wear the wrong size bra. Our Customer Service team were getting a lot of questions about how to find the right size. Bras are tricky. With dresses there are maybe 10-12 size options that cover 90% of the population, but for bras it’s more like 95 sizes to cater for the same portion of the population.”

Why preezie?

Curvy had tried to find a solution to their bra sizing challenge before but there were problems. “Our previous attempts couldn’t do what we needed for sizing recommendations,” says Blundy. “When you size a bra, you look at the band and the cup size simultaneously. If you go down a band size, for example, you will need to adjust the cup size accordingly. A bra sizer tool needed to be multi-dimensional. Our previous solution wasn’t able to do that.

”Curvy considered building a Bra Sizer in house but higher priority projects would take precedent as their growth soared. “We didn’t have the bandwidth,” Wes says. “We were growing fast, more than double year on year growth, and we needed to be careful which projects to take on internally. The smart option was to outsource and that’s when we found preezie”.

The preezie Implementation

preezie worked with Curvy to understand the intricacies of sizing bras. The Curvy team were able to send across their internal documentation and preezie took it from there.

“We were able to get up and running very quickly,” says Wes. “The preezie team were able to use our bra sizing expertise to create the multi-dimensional sizer we required”.

“The integration for the product navigation component was also very simple. We provided our product data via a live Shopify API. preezie then worked with us on designing the workflow and logic so that our Bra Sizer could work with the product discovery component.”The end result is a single tool that allows shoppers to find their perfect fit and their ideal style by answering just eight questions. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds.

The Results so far

Curvy now uses the full suite of preezie tools to host a Homepage Product Selector, a dedicated Find My Fit Page, targeted Exit Intents and a dynamic Bra Size Quiz that sits directly on product pages.

“Over 70% of our preezie revenue comes through our Exit Intents and Bra Sizer Quiz tabs. These features allow us to put our preezie workflows in front of customers at key pain points. By putting our solution in front of shoppers at these moments we re-engage them.

”Curvy’s product and size recommendations build trust and give shoppers the confidence to make a purchase. Those that use the preezie Bra Sizer convert at 12.18%, a considerable boost to Curvy’s typical Buy-to-Detail rate.

What's the future look like?

“We see a really clear path to growing Curvy to $20million in revenue in the short term,” Blundy concludes. “For us to hit those growth numbers we need to have the right partners that we have faith in and are really highly competent and we see that in preezie.

”Curvy also has big plans to shake up the US market. When Curvy launched their US site earlier this year, preezie handled replicating their preezie integration with new sizing logic and a new product catalogue. Again, the aim was for a simple, handsfree implementation and preezie delivered. Going live was as simple as plugging in a few lines of code.


“The preezie team are committed to ensuring that we receive value out of the platform. They have regular sessions with us to demo new features and optimise our offering. preezie turnaround solutions quickly and for a fast-growing eCommerce brand, that is essential.”

Wesley Blundy