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Guide shoppers and help them
find what they need in seconds!

preezie journeys utilizes behavioral psychology principles and smart logic to engage shoppers through interactive questions, delivering personalized product recommendations that match their unique interests and needs.

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254% uplift in conversions

"We use preezie’s data learnings from a marketing perspective to run promotions and create content. We also use the preezie reports to find product and inventory gaps.”

- Guy Nappa, Operations Director, Oz Hair & Beauty

Feature Highlights

preezie is flexible to your needs

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Engage shoppers at the right time with embedded journeys, landing pages, CTAs and pop-ups
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Design and style your journeys on the fly
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Access advanced recommendation matching and scoring
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Capture more emails, SMS and data insights
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Easily connect and map your data feed
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Leverage journey expertise and dedicated CSM support

Guide shoppers online like you would in-store

Use interactive smart questions to personalize your eCommerce product recommendations.
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Guitar Finder

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Baby car seat finder

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Skincare Quiz results

Build amazing experiences and accelerate eCommerce growth with preezie



Bring the in-store shopping experience online with individualised journeys. Level up your eCommerce store with gift finders, product discoverability, individualised recommendations, quizzes and customer gamification.

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Lead and email capture

Build an enriching customer database that allows you to hyper segment. Unleash the power of first party data with better data transparency and increase your email capture rate with preezie.

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Exit intents and Pop-ups

Interact with shoppers at the right time through targeted pop-ups, exit intents or calls to action. Trigger a pop-up to encourage shoppers to browse for longer and increase time on site.

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Data insights and analytics

When a preezie shopper enters their personal information, all their journey data is connected, allowing for unlimited profiling and hyper segmentation. Make better eCommerce decisions with shopper data insights

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Light touch connectivity

We seamlessly integrate into your existing technology. No coding required, simply copy and paste the preezie code! Integrate with existing eCommerce platforms to generate and maximize the power of first party data.


Set up in 3 easy steps

A no-code solution for any business & go live as fast as 2 weeks


Meet the preezie team! We'll help you onboard and go-live easily with end-to-end support for your implementation.


We assist you in developing, designing, and customizing your immersive preezie journeys for any eCommerce platform.


Paste your journey code to you website and go live in minutes! We work together to optimize, build, and integrate more journeys.

Integrate easily with technology you already use

Own your data with preezie

preezie’s guided shopping solution enables brands to captures first party data. Easily integrate your own data with your email marketing platform.

Join global leading brands in harnessing preezie's interactive ecommerce solutions

What our retail partners say...

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Increase in average order value

“Tagging the recommended products as best match, great match, and good match adds another layer of validation that the product is right for the customer.”

Chris Ventura
Global Ecommerce Manager


Increase in conversions

We are very happy with preezie. It's powerful and it has got a great support network. Any business that is thinking about using it, should go all in.

Guy Nappa
Operations Director


Completion rate

It’s been an enlightening experience to revisit my days as a salesperson in-store with the help of preezie. The journeys bring us closer to our goal of providing an individualised experience to our customers.

Ryan Fitzgerald
eCommerce Operations Manager

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