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Case study

Nicks Wine gets 652% increase in conversion rates

Return on Investment
Increase in Conversion Rate
Total Completion Rate
  • Date: 11 November, 2019
  • Client: Nicks Wine

The Challenge

Nicks Wine Merchants has built their business off a reputation of great service and a large range. Being a predominately online business with one retail location most of the Nicks Wine Merchants revenue is attributed to online sales. Historically having an online catalogue of products with fast delivery was sufficient to be a leader online, however over the past few years new eCommerce technology such as AI and customer experience technology have been helping business keep ahead of the game. Nicks Wine wanted to take advantage of these new types of technology and started working with Preezie.

Nicks Wine

Nicks Wine Merchants is one of Australia’s leading online eCommerce brands. Over the years, Nicks have received numerous commendations including been voted Australia's Best Independent Wine Store by consumers in a competition organized by The Wine Rules Blog in association with Wine Business Monthly Magazine, and more recently, voted Australia's Best Online Whisky Retailer by the influential UK publication, Whisky Magazine for 2018 and 2019. With over 5,000 products in their range Nicks is known for having one of Australia’s best ranges.

How Preezie helped Nicks Wine

Many of Nicks existing customers know exactly what they want. However, over the past few years the brand has grown and continued to acquire new customers online that were not familiar with their range and therefore made it difficult for many new customers to know what product was right for them.

“It’s very common that our younger audiences, want to enjoy something a little more refined and niche, not just your standard off the shelf wine or scotch, so they come to our website. However, they don’t know enough about our products and our range to effectively make a good choice on a product”.

The current method employed to assist customers understand and find the right product from our vast range was mainly the use of filters, however, in order to attract and ensure younger and newer users transacted we needed to provide a first class customer experience, in particular with helping customers find the right products, that’s why we use Preezie.

“Preezie helps us attract and convert new users by helping our customers find the right product easily and quickly”

What Nicks Wine likes about Preezie

Preezie helps people streamline their buying process, it helps them skip steps, makes the process of transaction quicker, what Nicks likes about Preezie:

- Assisting with sales flow
- Making it easier for customers
- Seamless support and integration

Preezie could build the entire system themselves and then we needed to just test and copy some code into the website.

How have you found setup, integration and support?

"All in all, it’s been good, simple and easy, there was a little bit of development work with copying in the code, but aside from that and compared to other similar systems it’s been a very smooth process. Its been the easiest 3rd party Magento integration we have seen."

Support has been great, we have worked with other developers and have seen really slow response and support from 3rd party apps. Preezie on the other hand has been quick. Preezie always gets the job done and it makes business so much easier. The other thing we noticed is that Preezie always tests their work, we often find bugs in systems as the developers don’t thoroughly test new applications.


"We saw great results from Preezie's software with conversion rates increasing dramatically. Preezie were extremely thorough in their presentation and we look forward to continuing to work with them."

Nicks Wine