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Case study

Sportitude’s shoe finder converts at 9.7%

Conversion rate of users through Preezie
Increase in AOV
Return on investment
  • Date: 19 June, 2020
  • Client: Sportitude

The Challenge and why Preezie

With over 5,000 products in their product range, Sportitude always understood the importance of guiding customers through the buying process, well before they ever met Preezie. “A shoe finder was something we’ve wanted to do for a while.

We needed to provide customers with a simple way to find the right shoe quickly while also removing irrelevant products. We had a few different ideas on how to do it, however, it required too much development time and energy so it never got off the ground.

That’s when we met Preezie who had an out-of-the-box solution” Preezie had the perfect solution for Sportitude well before we even knew each other, “The benefit for us was that Preezie were based in Australia which made it easy to communicate and collaborate to continually improve the usefulness and performance of the system”

The key issue for Sportitude was helping customers discover the right shoes from Sportitude’s range of thousands of sports shoes, in particular running shoes. “We needed to help lead customers down the right path, it’s all about narrowing down the product options, removing the irrelevant ones, and helping them understand why those options are right for them. Preezie could do all of this straight out of the box so it was a no brainer to give them a shot”

Why Preezie, did you look at other solutions?

“We did look at other solutions and your competitors. Our biggest issues were that they were not based in Australia and they did not have the full feature set that Preezie had.

The other option was to build it ourselves, but higher priority development projects would continually crop up. The smarter option was to just partner with Preezie and have an already built system ready to go. All we had to do was a very quick integration”

The implementation

The integration of the Preezie system was a two-way process for Sportitude. “Preezie needed to understand our problem and learn where we wanted to target this project specifically. So there was a little learning to be done both ways as we wanted to ensure the inputs into the system were working perfectly“

The technical component of the integration was really easy, done with no pain at all. All we needed to do was provide a data feed and drop a small script onto our web pages.”

Preezie and Sportitude have worked closely to fine-tune the system to continually improve the performance and user experience.“It is appreciated that Preezie continues to work on optimising the system to ensure it works better and better each month. They are always coming up with new features and ways to improve so their system can work better for us”.

What you liked?

Preezie's Service is beyond our expectations, Simple for our customers, the integration speed and always building new features. “The service has been phenomenal. To be honest, it has been beyond our expectations.

Preezie made sure we were up and running quickly and we maintain regular meetings to continually look at ways of improving the system performance.

“I liked the simplicity of how the system feels and looks for the customers. Customers just use it and get it, straight away.

Our goal was to simplify the product discovery and selection process for our customers and I believe we have achieved that.“The speed of integration was fast. It did not really require any real effort from our end to integrate. Just a simple script copy/paste and providing access to a product data feed.

“We are happy to be a part of Preezie’s evolution, to have input into new features and then see the positive results that those new features have for us and our customers. We appreciate the mantra of continual improvement, which Preezie does really well”.

The results

Sportitude has had tens of thousands of people use the Preezie system to-date, which has led to the following results:

- 9.7% conversion rate, Out of all customers who start a Preezie workflow, almost 1 in 10 ends up making a purchase. This is a considerable boost to Sportitude’s typical conversion rate and way above industry averages.

- 45x return on investment. So far we have seen a huge ROI from the system. We often have weeks that the ROI is well above 50 times which is very attractive.

- 15% increase in average order value AOV has seen a little shift up which is great. Customers that use Preezie on average spend 15% more with us than those who don’t use Preezie.


“Easy experience for our customers. Easy integration for us and not having to develop a solution ourselves. Easy decision for a long partnership with Preezie, thanks to their phenomenal service and outstanding system performance. Easy Preezie!”

Roumen Staykov
Sportitude (Founder/CEO)