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Case study

Guitar Center empowers customers through individualized experiences

Customers are up to 25%
more likely to add an item to cart
increase in Beginners' spending
Total completion rate
  • Date: 1 August, 2023
  • Client: Guitar Center

The Challenge

Guitar Center’s mission is to fill the world with music. They provide musicians with the tools they need to connect, be seen and heard. With music being the greatest unifying force in the world, Guitar Center encourages passionate music lovers to jam out and make some noise.

Guitar Center is recognized for exceptional customer service, providing an immersive shopping experience the moment customers step foot in-store. Musicians are mesmerized by the line up of guitars, as they naturally gravitate towards a guitar and begin strumming. Bringing that in-store experience online was the main challenge Guitar Center faced. They wanted to guide customers throughout their discovery journey and understand what they truly need on a personal level.

“Our customers love shopping at Guitar Center. However, within the musical industry there are a lot of complexities in finding the right instruments. We take shoppers through a journey by understanding the type of instrument, software or recording gear a musician may need to achieve their musical goals,” said Ryan Fitzgerarld, eCommerce Operations Manager of Guitar Center.

Why preezie?

Guitar Center conducted an in-depth analysis of various solutions available in the market and discovered that preezie's retail experience platform, along with our best practices, provided them with the tools to strategically place guided selling at the forefront of every visitor's experience, empowering guitarists to make informed purchasing decisions.

“The key difference with preezie is that the product suite allows us to embed the preezie journeys into our system deeper than the other alternatives on the market. preezie helps us understand what our customers are feeling. It has enabled us to predict their needs, whilst they embark on their discovery journey throughout the website,” said Fitzgerald.

The preezie Implementation

Guitar Center launched their first preezie journey in 4 weeks. They currently have 12 journeys across their website and are geared towards new musicians. This targeted approach enables Guitar Center to streamline the customer experience for beginners, significantly reducing information overload and empowering them to easily discover precisely what they seek without feeling overwhelmed.

“preezie is definitely very straightforward. The way preezie imports data allows us to make complex rules. This structure enables us to demystify products, providing shoppers an easy and enjoyable discovery experience,” explained Fitzgerald.

Guitar Center also utilises the preezie journeys to learn about their visitors to gain deeper and more meaningful insights. They get to know their market on a more personal level by asking questions related to their customers interests, quirks and needs.

Customer Success

preezie runs regular strategy sessions with Guitar Center and provides performance updates on each journey. This allows Guitar Center to establish what’s working well and what needs improving for further optimization.

“Overall, it’s been a pleasure to work with preezie, they have been super responsive. When we need something, preezie is always there to help! We have regular sessions with the preezie team. During these sessions we examine what's working and look for opportunities where we can further enhance the customer experience,” said Fitzgerald.

What’s the future look like?

Guitar Center strives towards evolving their customer experience. They continuously aim to replicate their in-store experience online.
“People come to Guitar Center because it's the place to make some noise and jam out. They visit in-store to experience the instruments personally. Something special happens when a customer comes into a store, sees a guitar and picks it up for the first time. Our aim is to provide this same experience online with the help of preezie,” said Fitzgerald.


With the power of preezie, Guitar Center can establish who is shopping, why they are shopping and what product they can recommend to enhance the customer experience. It's like looking into the future!

The data shows that 76% of shoppers who interact with preezie are highly engaged and complete the journey. These significant insights contribute to the decisions made in marketing, inventory management, visual merchandising and content creation. Several questions are specifically designed to help Guitar Center gain first party data and analytics that can not be collected from other channels.

“The preezie results demonstrate that we can gain an immense amount of enriching data to elevate the overall experience at Guitar Center. Our findings show that customers spend up to 11% more time on site. The data also reveals that customers are up to 25% more likely to add an item to the cart when they flow through a preezie journey. We leverage these learnings and dissect the data to further elevate the customer experience,” said Fitzgerald.

“We can ask questions that open doors to insights regarding their personality, like what genre they are interested in. It has enabled us to create journeys that deliver individualised experiences, as a result we have discovered that beginner musicians spend up to 25% more when using preezie. preezie has given us the opportunity to connect with our customers on a deeper level through a conversational journey,” said David Lawrence, eCommerce Strategic Initiatives Director of Guitar Center.


“It’s been an enlightening experience to revisit my days as a salesperson in-store with the help of preezie. The journeys bring us closer to our goal of providing an individualised experience to our customers.”

Ryan Fitzgerald
eCommerce Operations Manager