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Case study

Triumph uplifted their conversion rate by 311%

of shoppers that start Triumph journeys complete them
revenue through the system
uplift in Conversion Rate
  • Date: 14 September, 2022
  • Client: Triumph

The Challenge

Triumph has continuously evolved to become one of the world’s leading lingerie and underwear companies. With a presence in over 120 countries, Triumph develops, produces and markets intimate apparel, sleepwear and swimwear through wholesale customers, owned retail stores, online marketplaces and e-commerce. In Australia, Triumph retails intimate apparel collections through department stores nationwide and operates four retail stores throughout Australia. Through these outlets, Triumph offers customers a unique shopping experience with complimentary professional bra fittings and lingerie advice.

“We wanted to recreate our offline services and customer journeys from the physical stores, as well as use all the enriching in-store knowledge that our sales assistants have to produce the same experience online. With an already steady conversion rate, our goal was to grow and increase it further. We knew that our online community needed to gain access to our in-store expertise, and we needed to close the gap between the online and offline service,” said Alana Jones, Head of Marketing Australia & New Zealand, Triumph.

Triumph wanted to transform the way visitors browsed on their website. WIth a mix of new and returning consumers online, they recognised the demand from shoppers to be guided in choosing the right bra for them. They wanted to relieve shoppers of any burning questions or doubts during their online buying journey.

Why preezie

“We needed a solution that could guide our online shoppers across our product range and categories. Bra shopping can be tricky and people often need advice for purchasing the perfect fit, especially when they have no idea where to start. Everybody has unique bodies, which means that each bra can sit differently on each individual. We wanted to provide a shopping experience that would help everyone feel more confident and supported when they wore a Triumph bra, and we knew that the preezie solution was the perfect strategy to help provide that feeling,” said Jones.

Triumph chose preezie as their guided shopping solution because of the impactful results and performance they had seen with other brands. In addition, they wanted to increase their return on investment, gain more data insights on their shoppers and do more with the current website traffic. They knew that they could leverage preezie's first-party data capture and advanced analytics to improve their customer experience and online engagement.

The preezie implementation

Triumph successfully and seamlessly integrated their data feed into the preezie platform. They then collaborated with the preezie team to formulate the perfect set of questions that a sales assistant would typically ask if they were to help a shopper find a new bra in-store. These considered and engaging questions transformed and shaped Triumph’s new customer experience and journey online.

“We connected with the preezie team and they took us through their simple onboarding process. We worked closely to design 6 journeys across our website including a Style Selector. We then tested and tweaked our designs to ensure it was in line with our vision. Before we knew it, we were up and running in as little as 6 weeks. The engagement on our preezie journeys has been outstanding, we’ve seen 83% of our shoppers who interact with the journeys, end up completing it,” said Jones.

Customer Success

“We're really pleased with the high level and quality of service, support and growth recommendations preezie provides. The customer success team is always super proactive when it comes to fine-tuning our journeys. They also provide sound suggestions and insights to further improve our design or journey content,” added Jones


Triumph Australia has ambition to grow their direct to consumer (DTC) business. They are also planning to grow further in the eCommerce space, in both their existing (Australia and New Zealand) and newer international markets within the next two years. Triumph’s main focus is to provide better service and improve their omni channel presence by creating the in-store experience online.

“preezie has been an excellent contributor to our conversions and success in Australia and New Zealand, our conversion rates have been lifted by 311%. We look forward to retaining the functionality of the platform and working with preezie beyond our first 12 months of partnership,” said Jones.

The results

Ever since Triumph launched their preezie journeys, they have been able to access untapped first party data that can be utilised for remarketing and retargeting. They have also gained more value out of their current traffic, as preezie has contributed to the increase of Triumph’s website engagement. Lastly, they have seen positive results in their revenue, where 23% of their current revenue is driven by the preezie solution.

“The preezie platform has reaped remarkable results so far. We’ve seen a 311% uplift in conversions. We’re able to collect first party data and learn the purpose behind our shoppers' purchases, whether it be for loungewear, a formal event or even exercise. This gives us valuable market insights into what types of bras are trending and in demand,” said Jones.


“Right from the beginning, the preezie team has made our experience in taking on new technology feel hassle-free. From onboarding, implementation and right through to optimising our journeys, the preezie platform has changed the way Triumph engages with customer insights. It’s definitely impacted our sales, as we’ve seen a boost of 311% on our conversions. We have been able to capture first party data and insights that we would have never had easy access to in the past.

Alana Jones
Head of Marketing Australia & New Zealand, Triumph.