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Case study

Bay Sports perfects product discovery with guided conversion tool

527 x
return on Investment
of total revenue through preezie
increase in conversion rate
  • Date: 25 November, 2020
  • Client: Bay Sports

The Challenge

Our biggest challenge was finding the best way for our customers to easily navigate our range of products in a way that gave them the confidence to buy online. Bay Sports does not operate any brick and mortar stores and buying Kayaks and Paddleboards online can be a daunting prospect for a first-time customer. We wanted to bring that in-store experience online to give customers product recommendations they could trust.

Each kayak and paddleboard has a large range of features. Comparing models using standard website navigation and product filters was challenging, particularly to customers looking to invest in their first piece of equipment.

Water sports equipment is often a significant investment and customer wants to be sure they are making the right choice before purchasing. Prior to preezie, we received a high level of phone, email and live chat enquiries from customers confused about which product would best suit what they were looking for.

Why preezie?

preezie flips the traditional online shopping experience on its head. Rather than opening product detail pages one at a time to compare features and suitability, preezie allows customers to discover products based on what they are specifically looking for.

Now a Bay Sports customer can tell preezie they are shopping for a stable, fishing kayak with the option to add a rudder, that comfort is a priority and speed is not important. When customers see our range of fishing kayaks ranked in order of suitability to their unique requirements, it gives them the confidence to make a purchase.

As outdoor sports enthusiasts, we are obsessed with finding, trying and supplying the best equipment on the market. We have always been committed to utilising the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to provide the highest quality products. We chose preezie because their innovative approach to guided selling matched our own commitment to innovation. Bay Sports is an information hub for outdoor sports enthusiasts and preezie was a natural fit.

We were able to apply our industry knowledge and experience to the logic that drives the preezie software. The tool is highly intuitive in its ability to harness our product knowledge and use it to help users navigate our range. In less than 30 seconds a customer can now see the exact product suited to their needs. Shoppers that use the tool are over 3x more likely to make a purchase than those that don’t. Results like that speak for themselves!

The preezie Implementation

Implementing preezie was very simple. The team at preezie ensured that the onboarding process was as seamless as possible. We created workflows for our key Kayak and Paddleboard ranges initially. From start to finish the implementation took around six weeks.

Adding the software to our Shopify store was as easy as plugging in three codes. It was simple enough for me to handle myself without having to involve my developers. I love how easy and customisable styling the preezie software to match our site design aesthetics is. preezie looks completely native to the overall look and feel of Bay Sports which was important to us.

The Results so far

preezie has contributed to a noticeable increase in revenue with over 500x ROI. The team are committed to ensuring that we receive every last bit of value out of the software through regular optimisation sessions with our dedicated Client Success Account Manager.

We have seen our baseline conversion rate more than double since implementing preezie. Not only are we able to offer an on-page resource with our Homepage Selector and dedicated Product Finder pages, we have been able to re-engage exiting users with preezie’s targeted Exit Intents.

Over 50% of our preezie revenue comes through our Exit Intents. Users that were leaving the site because they couldn’t find what they were looking for using standard navigation are now shown our preezie workflows at the point of leaving. This is revenue that we may have missed out on had it not been for the tool! A remarkable feature that we would not be without.

preezie has fundamentally improved the user experience of Bay Sports. The tool is very engaging. Our average session duration has increased by 30%, page views have increased, and bounce rate has dropped.


“With preezie, in less than 30 seconds a customer see the exact product suited to their needs. Shoppers that use the tool are over 3x more likely to make a purchase than those that don’t. Results like that speak for themselves!”

Hamish McMinn