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10 festive retail strategies to captivate Christmas shoppers & boost your seasonal sales

Posted by preezie on 06. December 2023


Here’s a sneak peek at what we cover in our guide, “10 festive retail strategies to captivate Christmas shoppers & boost your seasonal sales.”

We've crafted a practical retail guide to assist you in navigating the hustle and bustle of the festive season. This blog provides a quick overview of what to expect.

We delve into key topics, including leveraging zero-party customer data, optimising mobile experiences, and embracing flexible payment options to enhance your Christmas sales and foster enduring connections. Explore insights on sustainable packaging, efficient returns management, and post-holiday customer engagement for a well-rounded ecommerce approach.

Now, let's dive into a summary of the top 10 strategies you need to implement this holiday season:

1. Festive shopping trends:

37% of Australian and 44% of American online shoppers rank Christmas as their top or second favourite shopping event among 10 others, expressing the highest excitement for this festive season. This makes it a prime time for retailers.

To capitalise on this holiday hype, align your marketing campaigns with holiday-themed content, implement a Christmas gift-finder tool on your website to help shoppers quickly transact with ease, and focus on popular product categories such as Clothing & Fashion, Electronics & Gadgets, and Hair & Beauty.

2. Drive sales with zero-party data:

Leverage zero-party data through tools like preezie’s journeys to understand customer needs and preferences, tailoring product recommendations and exclusive deals within sought-after categories to add a touch of personalisation.

3. Craft bespoke email promotions:

While various communication channels, such as social media and text messaging, are available, email marketing consistently outperforms others in terms of ROI. Segment your database and personalise emails, particularly for VIP customers and dedicated category buyers. Additionally, consider adding express shipping options for last-minute shoppers.

4. Tailored promotions for diverse shopper mindsets:

Recognising diverse shopper needs is key. Tailor campaigns for planners, deal hunters, early birds, and post-holiday shoppers, incorporating offerings such as guarantees, free shipping, or gifts, as these are highly favoured by online shoppers.


5. Mobile optimisations for seamless shopping:

As customers tend to add more items to their cart when shopping on mobile devices, boost convenience by optimising your mobile website with a streamlined single-page checkout process. If you have a mobile app, leverage push notifications and alerts on mobile devices to remind users of items in their cart or inform them about special promotions, encouraging them to complete their purchases. 

   6. Boost sales with flexible payments:

Introduce Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services to encourage larger purchases, creating a win-win situation with increased financial flexibility for customers and boosted sales for your business.

   7. Enhance the post-purchase customer experience:

Surprise customers on the thank-you page with post-purchase offers from brand partners, fostering loyalty and repeat purchases.

   8. Sustainable retail packaging strategies:

Strategic, eco-friendly, and thoughtful retail packaging not only enhances your brand visibility and safeguards customers' products but also aligns with environmental values that customers advocate for. Brands can capitalise on this by creating reusable and recyclable packaging, providing an additional layer of value. This not only increases brand perception but also fosters customer loyalty.

 9. Efficient holiday returns management:

Handle the influx of returns by updating your holiday return policies, implementing clear guidelines on the process, and robust measures to prevent fraudulent activities. This could involve incorporating verification procedures for returned items, assuring customers that their returns are handled fairly and securely.

 10. Building loyalty beyond Christmas:

Encourage loyalty program sign-ups during the holidays and continue engagement post-season. On average, repeat customers spend 67% more!

Our 10 festive retail strategies are carefully crafted to guide you successfully through the bustling holiday season. 

We invite you to partner with preezie to elevate your holiday sales. Our data-driven strategies and interactive ecommerce tools are designed to captivate Christmas shoppers and forge lasting relationships.

Keen to explore further? Access the full guide right here!


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