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09. August 2022

3 Ways to Grow your Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Sales with a Personalisation Strategy


Consumers spent $109.8 billion online between November 1 & November 29, 2021(1).How will you get your share of this revenue? 

Online and Bricks & Mortar stores offer crazy discounts and deals during the four-day shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

11. November 2020

6 Checklists to Improve eCommerce site load speed


On average, ecommerce sites take 6 seconds to load. While ideally, eCommerce load speed should be under 3 seconds.

That 3 second delay doesn't sound like a big problem but in reality every 1 second extra of load speed and delay has a huge material impact on revenue for eCommerce stores.