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Afterpay-backed Touch Ventures and TEN13 invests in preezie

Posted by Michael Tutek on 26. November 2021


Melbourne, Australia – 23 November 2021:preezie, Australia’s leading retail experience platform dedicated to bringing the in-store shopping experience online has raised AU$5.5 million in their Series A funding round to boost the growth of their team, product and drive international expansion. 

The round was led by Afterpay-backed Touch Ventures and TEN13.

The Melbourne based start-up believes all brands have an unheard voice and all shoppers
deserve to be treated individually, so they built a platform that enables brands to empower
shopping experiences through individuality, allowing them to increase conversion rates and
customer experiences.

“The preezie platform utilises guided selling, data driven insights and behavioural science to
empower over 700,000 individualised shopping experiences every month. preezie has been
working with brands like Baby Bunting, Shaver Shop, Adore Beauty and Guitar Center, and
has seen rapid revenue growth of over 500% and more than doubled the team in the past
12 months,” said Michael Tutek, CEO and co-founder of preezie.

The Melbourne-based start-up caught the attention of Touch Ventures and TEN13 after
seeing impressive traction in the retail space following their successful completion of the
Skalata Ventures seed program.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Afterpay-backed Touch Ventures and TEN13. Our
mission is to individualise the online shopping experiences. We are currently doing that with
just over 100 merchants globally. I cannot be more excited for the opportunity to unlock the
ecosystems of our investors and help tens of thousands of merchants bring the in-store
shopping experience online” said Michael.

“We were impressed by the team at preezie and their ability to add significant value to
merchants through their retail experience platform. We believe there is an opportunity to
bring the in-store experience to merchant websites and preezie enables that through a
simple integration.” said Hein Vogel, CEO of Touch Ventures.

preezie will use this investment to recruit and secure the best talent in Australia. “We are
looking to triple the team over the next 12 months. With roles from developers, product
managers, sales and customer success. We are looking for people hungry to grow, learn and
be on the ground floor of what we know can be the next Australian unicorn.” Michael said.

The capital raised will also be used to support global expansion. With existing retail partners
across the world including Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Canada, preezie is looking to
further scale its footprint with a focus on the US and UK over the next 18 months.

“The expectations of online shoppers have increased over time; they want and expect
better digital shopping and increasingly, personalised experiences. preezie is helping e-
commerce customers compete globally by raising the bar and delivering on these
expectations.” said An Vo, Partner at TEN13.


About preezie

preezie is the world’s first retail experience platform designed to bridge the gap between in-
store and online shopping experience. We believe all brands have an unheard voice and all
shoppers deserve to be treated individually so we enable brands to empower shopping
experiences through individuality.

Leading global retail brands use preezie to provide one-to-one shopping experiences, taking
customers on a conversational journey of discovery. These journeys empower shoppers to
find the best products with complete confidence and transparency.

The preezie team is rapidly growing, with multiple opportunities and roles available.
preezie’s primary focus is to find, hire and onboard the best talent fast! For further
information about job positions and careers at preezie please click here.


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Michael Tutek
0401 356 174

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