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Improve customer experience for increase sales qualified leads

Posted by Michael Tutek on 08. February 2019

2018 is well into the connected generation. Having an online presence has never been more vital for both B2B and B2C businesses. Businesses that are using their digital channels correctly are seeing an abundance of value creation and increased lead generation. Having an online presence with an excellent customer experience and customer discovery can provide businesses with valuable data, business insights and of course sales qualified leads.

In this article I am going to discuss how using smart technologies can improve customer experience and discovery online and dig deeper into a new method of capturing sales qualified leads that can create value for both the customers and business.

My goal is to help businesses increase online leads and customer experience. Preezie does this by using intelligent automation technologies and algorithms to sell and generate higher quality leads from digital platforms.


quiz based customer experience and customer discovery


How does Preezie’s software engage potential customers?


We work with business to firstly understand their current sales process, or customers path to purchase. We then use this information, enter and configure it in our platform and build up algorithms that automate the customer discovery process. From there we plug this intelligence into quizzes or chatbots, so potential customers can use them on websites 24 7 to get help on recommended products and fill in lead forms to convert into sales qualified leads, hence increase online lead generation for businesses.


So, your software is about getting sales qualified leads online? How do you do that?


That is one aspect of what we do, we work with both lead generation businesses whom sell high value products and e-commerce businesses. Lead generation businesses; for example, a home builder can give their customers access to an intelligent decision-making process in a format that makes sense and is easy to follow. Like a real-life sales assistant, customers would be prompted to answer several questions that relate to a potential purchase, once all the questions are answered our system uses a mathematical algorithm to determine the best product recommendations for them. This is how you one; improve the customer experience and 2; complete the customer discovery process. Once the customers have those recommended products our software prompts them to enter in their contact information. At this point a potential customer becomes a sales qualified lead.


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It seems your technology can be used to do lots of the customer discovery?


Yes. As our system prompts the user to answer as many questions as the business requires. Therefore, as a by-product our platform learns what the customers’ requirements are and records it for businesses to see. From there the data is fed into the algorithm and used to cross reference a database of available potential suitable products. Ultimately that means that the sales team has both the potential customers’ requirements but also a list of well suited and recommended products to offer that customer. Customer discovery is all done completely by our system and automated.


How does your tech help the product decision process and increase online leads?


The best way to explain this is to use an example. In a previous life I worked for a company as a business development manager selling sensors. I often spent 5 minutes asking the clients questions about their application, then spent 55 minutes figuring out what products best suit them. In this example using an intelligent algorithm can help the sales team find the right product for specific applications in seconds, meaning that you can quickly identify which products are most suitable for that client, when you make the experience seamless for the customer then clearly you will increase online lead generation.


Where do you see the use of AI and ML within the sales process?


I believe the future of AI Sales Assistants comes down to having a very intelligent decision-making system. This is area I wish to pursue in the future. If any company can build up a configurable and flexible decision-making system and then use ML to teach that system to continuously improve and adapt we can start building a system to replace basic modern sales assistants. However, the critical component of this is that it needs to be configurable, otherwise it will be difficult to scale the solution. Having said that I don’t believe that humans won’t be required, there is always going to be a place for human sales assistants, however depending on the sophistication of the sale many basic sales roles could potentially be replaced by intelligent technology such as this.


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