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Taking the next step in virtual assistants to boost customer experience

Posted by Michael Tutek on 05. February 2019

How do you set your customer experience apart?

The past decade has seen leaps and bounds regarding the creation and proliferation of both artificial intelligence and virtual assistants and chatbot technology. From Apple’s Siri in the pocket of millions of individuals worldwide, to the Google Home and Amazon Echo ushering in a new age of Smart Home technology, it’s easy to see that assistants within the virtual space are an integral part of the 21st century. With that said, one area in which this form of technology has often lagged behind has been in enhancing the customer experience. With the expecting of Google Assistant it is easy to see that virtual assistants and customer experience has often moved it separate directions.

Think - What comes to mind when you imagine a virtual sales assistant? For most people, it’s unlikely to be a 5-star informative shopping experience, and from a business point of view that means their online conversion rates don’t increase and stay low, often at the 1-2% mark. That’s where Preezie comes in.

Boosting the Customer Experience through virtual assistants 


Using an intelligent automation platform, Preezie creates virtual sales assistants which are specifically-designed to enhance YOUR customers’ experiences. This, in turn, leads to higher retention rates and a higher conversion rates online for your business.

Preezie’s virtual assistants are developed with the intention of reducing confusion, stress, and information overload for customers. All of this whilst also collecting invaluable data from each interaction; allowing you to better cater your services to your clients and customers.

How is it Achieved?

When it comes to creating a virtual sales assistant, a thorough understanding of the business and their sales process is needed. That’s why, before any configuration takes place, Preezie works with businesses to gain a thorough understanding of their processes. Then, using our intelligent algorithmic engines (IAE), Preezie automates the process; effectively creating the brain or motherboard of your sales process.

As with any automated system, it’s important that the setup isn’t more complicated than the task a business is looking to automate. Therefore, to ensure that this technology is as accessible as possible, Preezie has simplified the integration process; making it simple to set up, such as other systems like Google Analytics. Once the system has been set up, it can then be integrated in a variety of ways, including 24/7 chatbots and quizzes that are designed to help users through the customer journey, improve customer experience and boost conversion rates online.


The Results


"One of the first leads we captured resulted in a sale of a $500k house and land package and a very happy family.” ~ Julie Wright, Porter Davis

As Preezie’s integrated system is scalable and adaptable, it is used by a variety of different businesses for a wide array of purposes. Take Porter Davis Homes for example. When working with such large investments, a company needs to be able to stay adaptive and maintain a positive customer relationship throughout the sales funnel.

“If I could sum up the benefit of the platform it would be of course lead capture and conversions but also the wealth of data and insights gained from the process.”

Not only does Preezie assist Porter Davis Homes in making a positive impact on users, it also provides them with a wealth of information about the current market. By gathering these insights, Porter Davis Homes is able to stay up-to-date on trends and tailor solutions directly to the current needs of their clientele. This is just one simple example of how a correctly implemented virtual assistant can 1; improve customer experience and secondly increase conversion rates online.



The 2010s are proving to be the decade of automation and artificial intelligence. So, with companies like Preezie pushing these software-based technologies forward, there is a lot to look forward to. For more information, please book a demo below.



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