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From data insights to personalized experiences: The power of preezie in shaping phygital shopping experiences

Posted by preezie on 10. April 2024


The convergence of physical and digital realms has produced a new era of shopping experiences – the era of "phygital." With consumers expecting seamless transitions between online and offline interactions, retailers are embracing various strategies to meet these demands.This blog delves into phygital retail, highlighting strategies to excel and how platforms like preezie are transforming the blended shopping experience.


The rise of phygital retail

Phygital retail represents the fusion of in-store and online shopping, catering to the modern consumer's desire for holistic experiences. Statistics reveal a significant shift towards phygital strategies, with a notable portion of in-store buyers engaging with digital channels. 

Recent data has shown that:

⚪ 54% of consumers express their intention to browse products online and make their purchase in-store while an equal 54% of consumers have expressed that they will browse products online and then make a purchase in-store.1

⚪ 53% of consumers would prefer the ability to inspect a product in-store before purchasing online and a significant 55% of consumers would love to have the ability to buy online whilst also checking the availability of those products in their local stores for extra convenience.1

⚪ 47% of consumers also enjoy the convenience of checking out online but having the ability to make a return in-store.1

blog image phygital retail stats

This demand for seamless integration underscores the growing importance of online-to-offline (O2O) customer journeys in the retail landscape, highlighting the significance of customer solutions such as preezie which can meet the evolving needs of consumers’ expectations and preferences.


preezie's role in phygital shopping

preezie's quiz journeys seamlessly integrate digital convenience with in-store personalization, effectively bridging the gap between online and offline shopping. Our journeys streamline the path to purchase by engaging shoppers through interactive questions, delivering personalized product recommendations that match their unique interests and needs.

These interactive quizzes, available both online and in-store, also help to construct a detailed customer database using the zero-party data collected. By mapping quiz responses to shopper profiles, preezie enables hyper-segmentation for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized in-store interactions, enriching the "phygital" shopping experience.

Service and product offerings, along with discounts and special offers, can be tailored based on precise shopper profile data—such as needs, budget, favorite colors, and interests—thereby deepening customer engagement and fostering a stronger connection with the brand.


Capturing zero- and first-party data

In the era of data-driven retail, leveraging first and zero-party data is crucial. preezie's interactive quizzes are invaluable for extracting detailed customer insights—ranging from a customer's preferred colors to their budget limits for certain product categories. These quizzes tap into everyday behaviors, enabling retailers to tailor experiences and communication with unprecedented precision.

For instance, if a customer indicates a fondness for outdoor summer activities via an online quiz, the retailer can personalize their in-store experience by directly recommending summer apparel or hiking gear. This could be achieved through personalized signage upon store entry, a custom email with a curated product list sent post-quiz completion, or even a sales associate providing personalized recommendations during their visit. This seamless integration of online preferences with in-store experiences exemplifies the potential of phygital retail to create deeply personalized and engaging shopping journeys.



Enhancing the customer journey
blog image 2xu journey finder

Through real-world examples, such as 2XU's compression tights finder and Canon's immersive camera experiences, preezie has proven its effectiveness in enriching the customer journey.

With the 2XU compression tights finder, an impressive 95% of customers completed this journey, leading to a 125% increase in conversion rates and a 51% increase in average order value. Integrating preezie into their online platform allowed 2XU to experience firsthand how guided shopping journeys with personalized recommendations could drive substantial growth. Encouraged by these results, 2XU is expanding this approach to their physical retail stores.

Similarly, Canon's implementation of preezie highlighted the platform's ability to enhance in-store experiences. A remarkable 93% completion rate on their camera quiz led to a 46% rise in the number of in-store camera purchasers interacting with preezie’s QR code self-help tool. This not only empowered customers to make informed purchasing decisions but also resulted in a 35% increase in conversion rates for shoppers who utilized the QR code in-store, highlighting the critical role of guided shopping experiences in boosting retail engagement


The future of retail with preezie

The future of retail is inextricably linked to innovative platforms like preezie. Emerging trends suggest a move beyond augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) towards deeper personalization and guided shopping experiences.

preezie is set to become a dynamic hub for personalized interactions, harnessing advanced AI technology to meet shopper needs in real-time. Keep an eye on how preezie will leverage AI to transform the shopping experience!

Embracing these future trends and continuously evolving, preezie aims to redefine the retail landscape and revolutionize e-commerce.

blog image canon journey



By harmoniously blending the physical and digital realms, preezie enables retailers to craft immersive and personalized experiences that captivate the modern consumer. Leveraging preezie's tools fosters deeper engagement and understanding between customers and retailers, cultivating meaningful connections that transcend mere profitability. As companies navigate the intricacies of the retail environment, incorporating preezie into their strategy offers the potential not only to enhance brand visibility but also to boost conversion rates, increase average cart values, and, most importantly, build customer loyalty.




[1] 53 Data-Backed Retail Statistics Shaping Retail and Beyond https://www.shopify.com/au/retail/retail-statistics


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