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Successfully navigate customer acquisition in 2024: A strategic guide for retail merchants

Posted by preezie on 31. January 2024


In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, retailers are bracing for two pivotal customer acquisition challenges in 2024: the impending sunset of third-party cookies and the surging competition and costs in advertising. 

In this insightful blog, we dissect these challenges and unveil inventive strategies to help you build meaningful connections with customers and flourish in this dynamic landscape.

Challenge one: The decline of third-party cookies

Major shift in data tracking

The strategic decision by Google to phase out third-party cookies by 2024 marks a fundamental shift in how data is tracked and used online. With advanced features like 'Tracking Protection' in Chrome, cross-site tracking is restricted to protect user data, posing a challenge for businesses relying on targeted ads.

Adapting to the change

Businesses must conduct a comprehensive audit of their codebase to identify third-party cookie usage, leveraging tools like Chrome DevTools and extensions for in-depth analysis. Collaborating with providers such as social media or CRM platforms becomes imperative to mitigate the impact of third-party cookie removal.


Strategies for success in a cookie-less world


Strengthening zero- and first-party data Collection with preezie's journeys

preezie's journeys, a personalized product recommendation quiz, emerges as a robust solution to fortify zero- and first-party data in the absence of third-party cookies. Engage customers through interactive quizzes on your website, extracting valuable insights into their preferences, styles, and budgets. Seamless integration of email and SMS capture allows you to build detailed shopper profiles, fostering direct customer relationships with transparency and user consent.

Retargeting without third-party cookies using preezie's journeys

Leverage preezie's journeys to collect zero- and first-party data, gaining a comprehensive understanding of shopper preferences. This data facilitates targeted pre- and post-purchase communications, enhancing the capacity to refine purchase flows and optimize marketing strategies for personalized retargeting.

Exploring Universal IDs and adopting privacy-focused Solutions

The discontinuation of third-party cookies propels the retail industry to explore alternatives like Universal IDs, emphasizing a shift towards reliance on first-party data for cross-device tracking. While Google's delay offers time for privacy refinements, it necessitates a paradigm shift for advertisers and publishers. Adapting to these changes demands close collaboration, leveraging customer data for personalized campaigns, and embracing privacy-focused solutions.


Challenge two: Rising competition and ad Costs


A battlefield for customers
As the number of ecommerce businesses proliferates, the competition for advertising space intensifies. This heightened competition not only inflates costs but also poses a significant challenge for brands aiming to distinguish themselves within constrained budgets.

Strategies to overcome ad competition and costs

1. Diversification and creativity in advertising

Explore alternative channels, including micro-influencers for niche engagement, and prioritize showcasing authentic moments within specific online communities. This approach aims to enhance impact and cost efficiency in marketing efforts.

2. Data-driven precision and personalization with AI

Unlock the power of data-driven personalization by refining targeting strategies with AI. Utilize AI-driven insights for precise audience targeting based on intricate patterns, fostering deeper connections with customers and maximizing ROI.

3. nextbuy: A new customer acquisition channel

Powered by preezie, nextbuy offers a collaborative solution for brands seeking innovative customer acquisition. In this brand-to-brand referral network, partners mutually share their audiences, leading to heightened conversion rates and a lower cost per acquisition compared to conventional digital advertising channels.


Embrace innovative customer acquisition strategies

The imminent demise of third-party cookies, coupled with the surge in ecommerce businesses, is pushing brands to seek alternative solutions. This challenging scenario also presents an opportunity for innovation. Navigate these challenges by exploring unconventional advertising channels, investing in robust data analytics, embracing personalized marketing tools, and adopting new technology focusing on zero- and first-party data collection.

For effective customer acquisition, conversion, and retargeting strategies, partner with preezie. Our solutions leverage behavioral psychology principles, facilitate brand collaboration, offer guided shopping experiences, and enable zero-party data personalization.


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