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Why is it important for merchants to choose an eCommerce specialist agency?

Posted by preezie on 02. May 2023


Running an eCommerce business isn't easy. Delegating marketing work to an eCommerce specialist agency can reduce the stress related to a continuous daily task load for business owners. This article clarifies the traits of a good marketing agency and how to choose the most suitable agency for the business. 

The reasons for starting to work with an agency 

  • Sales decline or stagnation
    The business lifecycle inevitably includes growth, maturity, stagnation and decline. The latter stages could be postponed if the eCommerce business is supported by an appropriate marketing agency that can audit the current assets and suggest fresh eCommerce marketing strategies or adjust the current ones.
  • New product launch
    It is all about maximum buzz, and the marketing agency’s role here cannot be overestimated. 
  • In-house skill gaps
    After building up consistent revenue by putting the in-house efforts, hiring the eCommerce specialist agency to scale the sales is the next stage of development.
  • Expansion to a new market
    Hiring an experienced agency to launch a product or open an eCommerce company in the new market could save plenty of eCommerce business resources.
  • Lack of time or/and wish
    Business owners have many tasks to handle simultaneously, and they may not enjoy doing marketing and related tasks. Thus, the delegation to an eCommerce marketing agency could cover this one big business need.


eCommerce marketing agency vs. in-house marketing

There are several advantages of hiring an eCommerce agency compared to keeping the marketing in-house every business owner should know about before making or rejecting, most probably, a game-changing decision. Most agencies worth their salt can collaborate with the internal team while producing an attractive ROI.


Agencies with rich experience managing client marketing projects possess a comprehensive perspective on efficient eCommerce marketing tools and trends in various industries. It allows them to develop effective new strategies and notice mistakes in the running ones by having a command of the dynamics in the eCommerce business market. 

On top of updates 

Trends in the marketplace are changing, and novelties in techniques are constantly emerging. For example, Google launched Performance Max, replacing Smart Shopping, and announced that in 2023 there remains only Google Analytics 4. Keeping up with all updates and the latest marketing tools is crucial to an eCommerce marketing agency. Therefore, to lead the market, it will be particularly useful for your eCommerce business to take advantage of a marketing agency's this skill.

The latest technologies mix

Professional agencies ensure their seasoned team members access the latest products and tools to provide the best but simultaneously cost and time-effective service. It allows eCommerce business owners to avoid wasting time implementing and testing new tools and services. Furthermore, eCommerce agency specialists dig deeper into the tool capacities and are advanced in their usage.


One might sometimes find it counterintuitive, but an eCommerce marketing agency is a much more budget-friendly option considering all the hidden costs online business owners might face trying to achieve the same results with the in-house team and paying for new products and necessary training to use them beyond the salaries, benefits, additional costs and commitments. 


eCommerce marketing strategy changes by adapting to market requirements and depending on eCommerce business economics. Working with an eCommerce agency allows one to change the technology quickly, switch channels or relocate the budgets without hiring or firing in-house personnel of specific skill sets. 

Unblinkered view of an outsider observer 

Being constantly close to the product can make marketers lose the actual customer perspective or run out of new ideas and tactics. Working with an eCommerce agency grants access to a larger collection of wisdom and insights based on the cases of clients from the same or close industries, applying developed guidelines and best practices and aligning with the right benchmarks.  

Network extension

The nature of eCommerce marketing agency work considers the agency's being a part of a branched network, which can also benefit its clients. 


How to choose the best eCommerce marketing agency?

What should be easier than picking an eCommerce agency from the huge range of offers in the modern market? However, before starting the search, it is crucial to understand what exactly to look at.

1. Industry experience

The eCommerce agency should be familiar with its culture, unique jargon, and problems to work successfully with customers within a specific industry. It is acceptable for eCommerce businesses with a broad range of products to work with generalist agencies. However, if the eCommerce company is about a more specific or technically complex product, it is better to choose an agency with a more product-focused approach that could understand the business from the inside out.  

2. Geo

In today's digital age, eCommerce marketing agencies can be chosen depending on preferences, not geo. However, it is still essential for some business owners to meet partners in person and not just in digital meeting rooms. Also, the factors like language constraints and cultural differences can't be excluded from consideration.

3. Stability

Check the partner eCommerce agency relying on business stability - how long the agency has existed, how many eCommerce clients are in the portfolio and how long those clients have been working with the agency. A reputable agency displays this information on the website, making it easy to identify and evaluate the quality of work. 

4. Case studies and credentials

To gain confidence in the eCommerce agency’s proficiency, check the credentials to verify experience and knowledge and study the case studies for the specific services. Success stories should be backed up by data on certifications, key metrics and real reviews to testify to the agency’s ability to deliver expected results. 

5. Quantity-price continuum, and not quality-price

In searching for a suitable marketing agency, eCommerce businesses consider pricing a key aspect since most of them commonly dedicate a specific budget for each channel. However, in finding an appropriate agency, the perfect options lay where service quality requirements foregather with the price requirements. Budget, eCommerce business owner ready to spend, defines how business goals will be set and reflects the amount of support and production that should be received. 

6. Sooner or later?

Every eCommerce company and the project is unique and has particularities, so it needs evaluation, and a tailored approach, and professional agencies know about it. Therefore, a trustworthy eCommerce marketing agency never promises top results quickly; if one does, it is a big red flag.

7. Vision and culture match

Every client wants to be listened to, heard, and his opinion considered. After all, who has a more embracing view of the eCommerce business than the owner? The eCommerce agency should get along and work in synergy with the representatives on the client side, having clear communication guidelines and a defined point of contact. 

Before starting to plan, the work experience should be reviewed, the business goals clarified, and the potential client familiarised with a budget and staff management styles by the eCommerce marketing agency. Moreover, agencies with healthy ambitions are eager to invest in new technologies and apply new approaches. Therefore, it is worth asking about their plans to grow.  

8. Customer first

For a good eCommerce marketing agency, understanding and being coherent with how the business treats the customer is equally important as aligning with customer needs and priorities. Agency should anticipate if something may affect the client negatively, so eCommerce business owners can trust and rely on the agency. 

9. All about revenue and returns 

Whatever initiative an eCommerce marketing agency proposes, it should strive towards revenue by ensuring leads and sales and maximise return on money, time and effort investment. In a nutshell, agencies should find ways to increase the return on investment, cut costs and make the whole process as transparent as possible for the eCommerce business owner.

10. Measure what matters

Marketers can use many metrics, but not all are equally important to focus on. An exemplary eCommerce marketing agency should be able to distinguish the metrics that best reflect the efficiency of marketing and overall business processes and simplify without losing the essence rather than overload the reports with myriads of metrics and risk getting lost. 


LION Digital

LION Digital is team of seasoned and passionate eCommerce marketing specialists driven by performance and focused on providing an exceptional client experience.

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LION stands for Leaders In Our Niche. LION’ model ensures that each channel is driven by a highly experienced channel director with up to a decade of experience in one digital marketing channel (SEO, SEM, Social, Email, CRO & Web) and a team of seasoned specialists. Such an approach creates a strong combo of highly specialised channel-focused departments that work closely with each other, ensuring that clients get a high-performing centralised eCommerce marketing strategy. 

Get in contact and let the team of eCommerce specialists set you on the road to success.


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