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2021 eCommerce copywriting : Aggressive Playbook

Posted by James Yapriadi on 19. January 2021


Without the right eCommerce copywriting playbook, writing converting and engaging copy for your store can be a drainer.

So you put it off and put it off, promising yourself you’ll get round to it when “you have a bit of time”.

Sound familiar?

Competition in the eCommerce space is heating up, so waiting till you have some free time isn’t an option! We have put together the ultimate aggressive copywriting playbook to help you develop a content strategy that works.

Understand your target audience

Before you start putting pen to proverbial paper, you need to know your market inside out.


Understanding who you’re writing the copy and how they engage with your brand is the essential first step.

To create an effective customer persona, you need to answer these following questions:


  • What is the targeted age range?
  • Is gender a consideration?
  • What are your customer’s interests outside of your product? (daily life, habits, hobbies, etc)
  • What inspires them? Are they driven by influencers (Celebrities, Thought Leaders, Professionals, Social Media Influencers etc) or causes (Environmental, Social, Technological)
  • What are they struggling with?

No matter the industry you’re in, you will always be writing for human beings so it is crucial that you don't lose sight of your target audience.


Use vocabularies, structure and grammar in a way that connects to your company’s tone while still being relatable with yourtarget audience.

Focus on product


Understand the selling point of each product.

This can be the benefit associated after using the product, the feature of the product, the offer price and the must know aspects of the product.

Use simple language


#1 Keep the copy simple and clear

#2 Avoid unnecessary use of adjectives

#3 Cut down long sentences

This applies to all types of copy, from landing pages, product descriptions, or ad headlines.

Create impactful copy

Understanding the copywriting formula will make the job easier.

These are two of my favorite formulas that work for all kinds of marketing, from product descriptions to billboards.

If you want to be impactful, you should remember these too!


Attention: Grab users' attention with bold questions and answers.

Interest: Blast reader with unusual, counter-intuitive, or fresh information.

Desire: Touch the reader’s emotions. Highlight the benefits of your product and answer the question of “What can it solve?”

Conviction: Show proof using customer testimonials, case studies, rating/reviews, money-back guarantee etc,

Action: Show immediate call to action.


A : It’s not just a workout outfit. It's performance enhancing gear.
I : (Brand Name) takes you to the next level.
D : Athletes set world records with (Brand Name).
A : Join the game.


Problem: Lay out the problem your shopper has.

Agitation: Make it emotional.

Solution: Show that everything is better with your solution.


P: When was the last time you had a really good night's sleep? The sleep where you feel refreshed and excited about getting out of bed?

A: A bad sleep makes you wish for more time to sleep. You don't feel sharp and can't take care of tasks properly.

S: If you can relate, you need to look at our memory foam mattress. You will feel like sleeping on the clouds while feeling charged for the next day.

How do I find the right keywords?


First thing is to analyze the keywords your competitors use to sell their product.

There are alot of keyword analysis tools out there to help you write such as SEM rush, Uber suggest, ahrefs etc.

Most of them are free to use for some time if you want to start the competitor keyword analysis!

Another interesting way is to use quora, reddit and other forum platforms to understand market problems and related keywords.

Here, i will show you how.

For instance, your store sells baby products and wants to target new parents…

quora most essential baby products for new parents
Looking at this discussion, you would be able to know what essential baby products do new parents need, according to different users.

A users reply in a quora thread

From the result, you can see that products like plastic rattles, sleeping bags, travel steriliser, travel changing bag will be the first few things new parents need.

Your store might just create a new parent package and name the package “Keeping you sane during your first year” or “New parent gear 101”

This blog covers a general way to copywrite so you can have a consistent message across your store.

Keep trying and testing


Like any skill, e-commerce copywriting takes some time to develop.

With so few eCommerce stores using compelling copy, you will have a unique advantage to get ahead of your competition!

We will dig deeper into copywriting for product descriptions, guided conversion, exit intent / CTA, PPC and ADS in the next few blogs.

Topics: Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Increase eCommerce Sales, Copywriting

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