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3 Ways to Grow your Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Sales with a Personalisation Strategy

Posted by Kristy Bertenshaw on 09. August 2022


Consumers spent $109.8 billion online between November 1 & November 29, 2021(1).How will you get your share of this revenue? 

Online and Bricks & Mortar stores offer crazy discounts and deals during the four-day shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

At preezie, we know personalisation is the key to creating an epic shopping season to delight your shoppers. If you want to boost your profits, increase AOV, increase time spent on site, and supercharge your conversion rate, with this article, we’ll help you with some tried and tested personalisation strategies that could take your brand to the next level. Let's get started.


1. Create a Strategic Plan from August through to the end of December

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Did you know that 55% of shoppers start shopping before November 1, 25% before October & 20% begin in September (2) (3)

Best practice is to get started early and create a Strategic Plan for Black Friday, Cyber Monday & the entire Holiday Period.

  • Leak your Black Friday Sales in October: You'll give your customers extra time to evaluate & plan their purchases, visit your website, bookmark your products, research and budget.
  • Consider dedicating the month of November to Black Friday sales.
  • Plan a Black Friday campaign consisting of lots of customised special deals, countdown timers and convey these deals to your shoppers through email, social media posts, your website, collaboration and ads. Are you an omnichannel? Ask us about creating guided in-store experiences with QR codes, like we did for Canon Cameras.
  • Supercharge your CX: Interact with shoppers at the right time through targeted pop-ups, exit intents or calls to action. Trigger a pop-up to encourage shoppers to browse for longer and increase the time spent on your site. See how Icon By Design boosted their email capture rate by 491%
  • Create product finders, size finders and personalised experiences which delight your customers. August/September is key to launch in September/October. Learn more here.

Build stronger relationships with consumers through individualised experiences. Gain loyal shoppers, brand advocacy, deeper insights and increase your revenue by creating product finders, size finders, gift finders & more.


2. Implement Guided Online Experiences & Personalisation throughout your eCommerce site

Choice Overload & Decision Paralysis is the enemy of conversion. Shoppers become confused with the many choices available over sale periods. Nearly 50% of your shoppers may fail to complete their online purchases if you have too many options to choose from or if they are bombarded with sale offers from the marketplace. If you don’t want to lose customers to choice paralysis, you must implement a personalisation strategy (4) so you stand out from the competition.

  • Choice Paralysis is a behavioural economics principle. At preezie, we are experts in behavioural economics & consumer psychology—it's built into our product & team. We will co-create guided experiences/email capture in your eCommerce platform based on these principles. 
  • Shoppers most frequently use guided experiences that contrast heavily from their surroundings and don’t show too many options at once. They get double to triple the usage and have a much better conversion rate.
  • August: Outline BFCM/Holiday key business metrics, lock in personalisation tech demos & get set to turbo-charge your eCommerce Platform. Book a demo with preezie here.
  • September: Build & co-create your personalisation strategy; go live as soon as possible. Learn how Curvy's bra finder solves sizing problems: 111x return on Investment; 25% of total revenue through preezie.
  • October: Optimise, optimise, optimise your eCommerce experiences (and get started on new ones, based on your learnings—you can build unlimited guided experiences for your shoppers with preezie at no extra charge!)
  • November onward: The holiday period begins & you're already ready to go.


3. Create Hyper-Segmented, Personalised Emails

The emails you create for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales must be personalised; otherwise, they won’t add any value to your shoppers. Here’re a few tips for planning a personalised email marketing campaign: 

  • Bespoke subject lines and preview text: You have 3-seconds to hook them with your title & first sentence; your shopper needs to think, that's me!
  • Understand what you need to know from your customers and what you want to do with that data—finding out certain aspects of your consumer's day, such as the time it takes to get ready in the morning or what beauty items they use in their daily routine, takes away the guesswork. You can do this to be of service.
  • Target those who have purchased from your store and used preezie within the last 30 days. Their experience is still fresh, and you can leverage this to engage them over the holiday and create lifetime shoppers & brand loyalty. Create a separate email target list for these shoppers.
  • Get in touch with your existing customers offering them special discounts via emails to get them re-engaged with your brand & store.
  • With the preezie experience platform, we create shopper profiles for you to hyper-segment your shoppers. preezie-driven email generated 3 x the abandoned cart revenue for our partners. Ask us how to implement this for your brand here.
  • Start sending emails to your customers with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals based on what they want. You can also add specific product recommendations items with clickable images. That way, these shoppers will directly go to your store with one simple click, and you know they are likely to purchase. Also, include embedded journeys or call-to-action product finders in case shoppers need help finding another product when they arrive; stop that bounce rate in its tracks.


Make the most of Black Friday Sales 2022 with preezie's Recommendations

If you want to boost your Black Friday profits, a hyper-personalised experience platform like preezie is a must. Here’s how preezie simplifies your Holiday Season ⤵ 

  • preezie guides shoppers online, bridging the gap between in-store and online shopping through individualised journeys.
  • Data collection, done differently: preezie empowers shoppers to share their interests, quirks and needs & captures first-party data with brands. Make better eCommerce decisions with shopper data insights you collect with preezie.
  • preezie increases conversions, capture more emails, gain first-party data, and reduce returns and customer service enquiries.
  • Build stronger relationships with consumers through individualised experiences. Gain loyal shoppers, brand advocacy, deeper insights and increase your revenue with preezie.
  • Supercharge your CX: Interact with shoppers at the right time through targeted pop-ups, exit intents or calls to action. Trigger a pop-up to encourage shoppers to browse for longer and increase the time spent on your site.

preezie is the world's #1 retail experience platform empowering shoppers one experience at a time, empowering global brands like Dell, JB Hi-Fi, Lorna Jane, Adore Beauty & many more.


Ready to learn more?  Book a consultation and demo with the preezie team today! 


Author: Kristy Bertenshaw (let's connect!) 

-Strategy, Growth & Consumer Psychology, Senior Account Executive

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