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6 Reasons why guided conversion should be used in your eCommerce store

Posted by James Yapriadi on 26. June 2020


If you’re reading this blog there is a good chance you manage an eCommerce store and are looking for ways to optimize your eCommerce store.

For most brands eCommerce revenue is stable enough to keep the management happy. Conversion rate is around 2%, within the industry average and digital marketing spending seems to show decent results.


However, being decent is not your personality. You want your eCommerce store to perform stronger and your goals is to become the best in your industry.


You know there are 100’s of options out there, you can feel in your bones that something can still be done to optimize your eCommerce store to increase revenue, but not sure what and where to start?


After spending some time surfing the internet, you stumbled upon our guided conversion platform and find our eCommerce optimization tool interesting.


Why Guided Conversion?


If you haven’t read it already, take a look at our blog on what guided conversion is and why eCommerce managers should care.


Now, we are going to show you the benefits of using Preezie’s guided conversion platform for your eCommerce store.


Increase conversion rate


Preezie has worked with eCommerce stores from various industries, clients include brands such as yd, Nicks Wine, Blue Bungalow and Bevilles. The result we’re amazing! We’ve been able to boost up conversion rate by 300% - 400%.


For instance, if your current eCommerce conversion rate stands at 2%, implementing Preezie’s guided conversion platform would increase it to 6% - 8%. It seems too good to be true, isn’t it?


Read our case studies!

To understand why we were able to multiply the eCommerce store conversion rate, we need to know why people purchase products in-store.


Customers arrive at a store and find the product they need from the guidance of a sales assistant. This is why traditional retailers convert around 40% and eCommerce stores just around 2%.


The guided shopping experience has been neglected by eCommerce stores for the past decade, we are here to make up for the lost time, and will close the conversion rate gap for eCommerce stores by helping online customers find the right product online.


User Experience


If you want your eCommerce store to do well, you can’t just rely on your products themselves! You need to provide a great user experience that makes it easy for people to buy and encourages them to buy often.


The major qualities of a good UX experience are to implement simple navigation, quick transaction time, easy communication and our recommendation engine ticks those qualities!


High Return on Investment


You might have spent some of your marketing budgets on platforms like Facebook ads and google ads, the average ROI for those platforms is at 1 – 9. To compare with these traffic capturing platforms, our client’s average ROI stands around 20x – 60x. We definitely provide more bang from your buck!


Happy customers


People shop online because of its convenience, if you make it difficult, they will find somewhere else to spend their money.


Preezie’s guided conversion platform makes sure your customers find the right product they need quickly and easily! Your customer will have a better experience shopping in your eCommerce store and will keep them returning to your store!


Minimize Product return


I shop online regularly, and not all of my purchases are up to my expectation. In some cases where the product I purchase doesn’t fit my expectation, I would need to return the product to the seller, and the return process is usually annoying and hard to understand!


Our recommendation engine will decrease the chance of product return, as there will be fewer people choosing the wrong product.


Competitive Advantage


All eCommerce stores want to be the best in their own industry, but they are not doing anything different to their competitors.


Your store could use Preezie’s recommendation engine as a leverage to win customers from your competitors!


See here Curvy Bra Size Finder and Product Recommendation Engine. Curvy is aware that getting the right Bra size had been an issue for women, especially with 80% of women were still wearing the wrong bra size.


We developed a bra sizer and product recommendation engine keeping in mind the way customers shop, back by the science we can now say goodbye to the days when choosing the right bra (size and product included) was painful, uncomfortable and confusing.


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